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  • Pothole Archived
    Georgia At Steffan Vallejo, California - Vallejo

    Large pothole at Georgia and Steffan by stop lights. PGE was working in that location but left a huge hole and is difficult to see before turning west onto Georgia Street.

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  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Webb And Maple Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo

    Large pothole in middle of street at Maple and Webb. It's hard to miss hitting it as it's so large and deep.

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  • 1878-1898 Springs Road Vallejo, California - Vallejo

    There is a very very dead tree on the north/west side of Maple Street and it's been there for months now. It's on Kragen's lot so perhaps someone can get them to cut it down and dispose of it. It's a fire waiting to happen. Why wait for a fire?

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  • Cedar And Webb Street (Southeast Corner) Vallejo, California - Vallejo

    There is a metal grocery shopping cart filled with cardboard and other debris sitting in the Steffan Manor childrens crosswalk on Webb Street. No one has been by to claim it in the last few days so hopefully the Vallejo alley cleanup crew can pick it up and properly dispose of it.

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