Why doesn't anything happen after something is reported here? I get a "Closed" message, but the issue is still unresolved months later.....


I'd like to know this as well. I see a flurry of activity by someone today to close lots of reported issues. I actually reopened one on an abandoned car that was originally reported over 30 days ago. A new one was opened and closed with no action. There has been no activity to date, the car is still sitting where it was abandoned with no notices applied, yet the city says it's been addressed.

Perhaps someone's performance rating is based on closing a certain percentage of these requests?

An anonymous SeeClickFix user

I really believe that the city hopes you will not continue to report issues and go away.


If something does get fixed, you never know if it was because it was reported here or because someone else reported it by phone. I suspect it is the latter.


My guess would be that 'resolved' simply means that the complaint was passed along to the department within the city (street maintenance, codes violation, etc.) who is in charge of the item complained about. I have heard that the police dept. is pretty under staffed, so if a codes officer needs to choose between citing an abandoned car on a residential street, or getting a broken down car off of Paseo, the latter takes precedence. Seeing nothing happen, however, makes it hard to want to spend the time to come on here to report issues.


just encountered same problem.

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