What does it mean when an issue is "Closed" and nothing was done. Does that mean the city isn't going to do anything about it?

If a letter was generated and sent to the violator, it should be noted on the complaint. Not just "closed" or "resolved"

I really believe that the city hopes you will not continue to report issues and go away.

Anything report here generates an issue, once 311 looks up the proper department that handles the issue it closes it. It may take up to a few hours to resolve or in some cases a couple of months. I report a section of sidewalk leading to a part in my neighborhood that is blocked by weeds and sand obstructing the sidewalk enough that is unusable. It took them a few months since the weeds were so high that they commingled with a protected plant. Nonetheless, one can use that sidewalk now safely to get to the park without having to walk in the street. Silver Tree Park in the South Valley on Silver Tree Drive

Welcome to Albuquerque and dealing with it's useless workforce.

No, in some cases it means that a letter was generated and mailed to the violator.

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