It's not that, Alfred. To the best of my knowledge, safety railings are the responsibility of the city, but as there's not enough in the budget for important things, it's hard to justify things that only need a bit of common sense in order to be 'fixed'. Have you checked with City Hall?

I kinda figured no one wud answer my question, must be a very hard question or probably no one knows enough about the missing railings from the river area park lol.

Well yeah i should go ask~ at least it doesnt hurt to ask lol.

i have to ask this,why would you want to have your kids hanging around the riverbank??now if you say you are enjoying the river bank with them then it would be up to you the parent or gaurdian to watch their own children not the city or the taxpayers.

good question this.

Are there not holes already cemented in for poles?

the City tries to promote the river bank yet, leaves it unsafe.

they had some before they went missing or took them out

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