It depends on where it got towed from. If you were on city property at the time, you'd need to contact the police station, I believe, to find out where the vehicle is. If on private property, you'd need to contact the property owners to find out which company they use for towing.

If it's City property that you were on, I suspect that there's a fine attached to the release of the vehicle. You'd have to pay the fine, the impound fees and the storage fees before you could get your vehicle back. At the very least.

when my vehicle was towed off private property, the City Police had the info, cause when I reported it stolen, they told me it wasn't, that it was towed, and reported towed.

I still wanted to swear a complaint, as I wasn't parked illegally but the "Nice" police officer "Politely" told me to pound some sand...

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