Who do I need to contact to have my alley light fixed? I've called 311, sent emails and contacted my alderman. Nothing is being done.

Mike Michaels

Try your aldermans office, and tell them it's a safety issue.


When you call 311, ask for a Report Number. That will make sure the report is made. Call the alderman's office repeatedly, once a week. Get name of others on the alderman's staff - and include them in your emails. Go to a CAPS meeting and bring the issue up there.

Fill out the form at http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/svcs/iwantto.report_file.html also.

Craig Kaiser

Here is a step most people don't know about. After you file a report and get a tracking number (you must ask for a tracking number) give it a couple days and check the tracker system. This will tell you status. If it is in the system but not fixed, ask for a supervisor. Keep doing this weekly until someone fixes the problem.

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