Memphis, TN - 01/20/2017 - 03:50PM


Recycle Steel Cans- All steel food, beverage and empty aerosol cans are accepted. You can even leave the labels and lids attached. Rinsing is recommended but not required.
Recycle Aluminum Cans- All empty aluminum food and beverage cans accepted. Label OK and rinsing is not required.
Recycle Plastic Bottles -All empty plastic milk, soda and other bottles and small food containers with the recycling symbol #1 PETE or #2 HDPE, usually made into the container side or bottom. Rinsing is recommended.
Recycle Empty aerosol cans
Recycle Aluminum used beverage containers
Recycle Aluminum foil, food trays, and wrappers
Recycle Cartons-food and beverage cartons including milk and juice cartons, juice boxes, creamers, soups, and broths.
Recycle Glass Bottles & Jars -All empty clear, brown and green bottles and jars are accepted. You can leave labels attached, but remember to remove lids. Rinsing is not required.
Recycle Newspapers and Magazines-All magazines, phone books and clean, dry newspapers with inserts are acceptable.
Recycle Cardboard -Corrugated and Paperboard (greyboard), e.g., cereal and shoe boxes. [BL1]  
Recycle Office Paper & Mail/Junk Mail -White and colored paper, envelopes, manila folders, stationery, notebook paper, sticky notes etc.
Overflow or Excess -Place any overflow recyclables in clear plastic bags next to your recycling bin at curbside. DO NOT RECYCLE plastic bags unless used for Overflow. No plastic wrap or anything with recycling numbers higher than those listed above.
Empty all containers of contents.