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What other locations can I get a birth certificate for myself ? I need asap this month

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Herman Kiefer....located off the Lodge Freeway and Joy Road.

Herman Kiefer....located off the Lodge Freeway and Joy Road.

If you were born in Wayne County including Detroit, you currently obtain them from the Wayne County Clerk's Office. They have 4 locations to choose from, 2 of the locations being a satellite office. Please note: If you were born in Detroit, the ONLY location that will provide a birth certificate for someone born in Detroit is the one located at 640 Temple, Suite 628 in Detroit. (Phone number for the office that serves people born IN Detroit is 313-833-2887 and
313-833-2881 at 628 Temple St., Suite 628. You can call the main office (downtown) number at 313-224-6262 for information.on hours and locations of satellite offices for those born in Wayne County, but not in Detroit. Keep in mind that the downtown office closes for lunch from 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM.

By the way, birth certificates are no longer at the Herman Kiefer location. That building is closed.

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