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    615 Comet Dr Foster City 94404, United States - Foster City
    Parked in same spot over three days
  • 298 Beach Park Blvd Foster City 94404, United States - Foster City
    For the 3rd time, as soon as police tag vehicle for watch, they move it up 10ft. It is still not being driven, it only moves when marked.
  • 1100-1198 Flying Fish St San Mateo, CA, 94404, USA - Foster City
    Black Toyota Corolla
  • 623 Comet Drive Foster City, California - Foster City
    Car has been left over 72 hours parked in same spot not moved, taking up much needed street parking for many residents
  • 1431 Beach Park Blvd - Foster City
    This car has been parked in the same spot/street for two months. As a residents I know our cars can not be parked in the same spot more than three days. Street parking is everybody, it is not suppose to be storage for other's vehicles. Cars should be monitored more for the residents by the city.
  • Polynesia Dr Foster City 94404, United States - Foster City

    Please do not close this request until the issue is resolved. As I said in my earlier two complaints this small corner of the lagoon smells really bad due to all the organic matter that has collected there and is rotting.

    Please work with owner of the property to figure out whether owner is supposed to clean this or city.

    I am surprised as to how the owner if the property can continue to live with constant stench and how the city is failing to do anything about this issue.

  • 1176-1186 E Hillsdale Blvd San Mateo, CA, 94404, USA - Foster City
    Pedestrian walkway on Bridge on East Hillsdale near Waters Edge apartment complex covered in cigarette butts (on the South facing side). Clearly apartment complex residents are walking to the bridge to smoke and are not disposing of their butts appropriately. Suggest putting up a sign, adding a cigarette disposal bin there and a cleanup.
  • 40 Commons Ln San Mateo, CA, 94404, USA - Foster City
    Two items regarding the Visa Building at this location: 1) Visa's smoking area appears to be inside their garage near the corner Cityhomes West townhouse. Though this may be compliant with the Muni Code it is a nuisance during light or south winds which blow the smoke towards the residential neighborhood. Can they move the area to the other side of the parking lot, along Metro Center? 2) they often have delivery or other trucks backed into or along their loading dock either blocking the sidewalk or street. This poses a safety hazard for pedestrians who have to walk into the street to get around this obstacle.
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    131-179 Rock Harbor Lane Foster City, California - Foster City
    We have seen residents from the Lantern Cove Apartments walk into the dry brush along the Bay Trail smoking cigarettes. There are a plethora of discarded cigarette butts at the Shoreline sign, as well as at the corner of the walkway leading to the Bay Trail path. This is a fire hazard, polluting the waterways, terrible for the fowl and other critters in who live in the bay, and also a city ordinance violation.
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    100 Plaza Ln Foster City 94404, United States - Foster City
    People smoking in a no smoking zone on a regular basis in the morning. The area outside of the door to the parking garage has been declared a no smoking zone. The new designated smoking zone is now at the main entrance to the Metro Tower on Tower Ln.
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    1119-1121 Farragut Blvd Foster City, CA 94404, USA - Foster City
    Lost iPhone in a light blue and white marble case. Phone is an iPhone 7, Phone was lost on Monday 28th at the park. The phone is locked and has not been turned back on.
  • Homeless campAcknowledged
    1199-1213 E Hillsdale Blvd San Mateo, CA, 94404, USA - Foster City
    Multiple instances observing same man seen living under the bridge overpass. He waits till nearby foot traffic is not facing his direction, leaves side walk and walks into bushes where he lives (smells terrible) under the actual bridge. garbage, branches are thrown everywhere. visible path can be seen from a distance from the sidewalk to his place in the shrubs. in the mornings, he again waits for no witnesses before quickly walking up the dirt path he created and joins other pedestrians on the sidewalk.