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Private Property

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  • 3001 Atlantic Ave Virginia Beach 23451, United States - Northeast

    Although the landscaping is beautiful at the “Boardwalk Gateway” between the 31st St. Hilton and Neptune Park, the grasses and other plantings are obstructions. Pedestrians walking to the boardwalk have limited visibility to see if bikes are coming in the bike path and vice versa. It doesn’t matter if a bike is going slow, children and even adults who were walking slowly will often speed up right when I get to the bike path, darting out. If the bikes could see them that would be great and people could see the bikes, win-win. Fewer close calls.

    Please consider revising the landscaping to be more cut back close to the bike path and walkway, for at least 3 to 5 feet.

    Since this is not a public roadway, it didn’t make sense to call traffic engineering. But when I have called them to tell them the visibility is blocked on the road because of landscaping, be at on private property or city property, they have trimmed it back or replaced it. I hope the same can happen here.

  • 800-888 Old Dam Neck Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23454, USA - Virginia Beach city
    Overgrown invasive privet bushes covering sidewalk.
  • 2088 Schubert Dr Virginia Beach Va 23454 United States - Virginia Beach city
    Upton dr sidewalk is narrow and dangerous enough without all the overgrown neglected bushes. How about getting owners to take care of their property so that pedestrians aren’t forced into the street
  • 433 King Richard Dr Virginia Beach 23452, United States - North Central
    Over grown bushes making sidewalk difficult to navigate. Thank you
  • 1900 Old Ridge Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    Public Sidewalk is blocked by overgrown weeds!
  • 1600-1798 Back Bay Landing Rd Virginia Beach, VA, 23457, USA - Virginia Beach city
    The tree branches are growing out into the road making it difficult to navigate especially when there are 2 vehicles passing each other. The over growth goes all the way down to Grimstead Road again making it difficult to drive down the road without scratching the sides of your vehicle.
    It appears to be city property that needs to be trimmed but there was not an option for that on this site.
    Please send a city vehicle to trim the branches that run parallel to the road.
  • 2521 Elson Green Avenue Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    There is graffiti on the street light pole here at the intersection of Edgehill Avenue and Elson Green Avenue. The pole number of this street light is N1112VD81.
  • 1256 Faulkner Rd Virginia Beach 23454, United States - Virginia Beach city
    Bushes/ trees hanging into road. In includes one or two houses next to it too
  • 103 42nd St Virginia Beach 23451, United States - Northeast
  • OtherAcknowledged
    3957 Border Way Virginia Beach 23456, United States - Virginia Beach city
    I’m reporting the sink hole that has been recurring since April 2016, last November 2018 the landscape division of the City of Virginia Beach had put the stones but I noticed that it’s sinking again.
    Address is 3948 Border Way
    Angela Marin. 757 617-7207
  • 2529 Greystone St Virginia Beach, VA 23456, USA - Virginia Beach city
    Displaced sidewalks
  • 3821 Wenlock Ct - Virginia Beach city
    Overgrown trees from city property into our yard. Some of the overgrown trees have poison ivy. We have 2 small children who play back there. Thanks