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  • 518 John St Jacksonville, TX - Jacksonville
    No one has lived in this house for years, and the owners rarely come by to check on it. Every few months, probably after they receive a citation, they have someone mow, or more like bale, the yard. The house sits in the center of the block and everyone around it has had problems with raccoons, rodents, and various other wildlife. When the owners do come, they have a hose hooked up to a pump, and they pump the rainwater that has accumulated in the basement out of the basement and allow it to drain down the street. I've seen the pump run for days at a time and still be removing large quantities of water. i know of several neighbors who have spent thousands of dollars getting raccoons removed from their attics and walls of their houses. Something needs to be done about houses that are left to sit and deteriorate, and bring down the property values of neighbors' property. This is the textbook definition of a neighborhood nuisance.
  • 205 Washington Avenue Jacksonville, TX - Jacksonville
    corner of Alabama and Washington, burned house and car, has been this way for a while. have seen kids playing in and around what's left of car/house, "beyond a safety hazard"
  • Abandoned BuildingAcknowledged
    Texas 204 Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    The old Travis Clinic building on 204 is an eyesore and is a problem place for squatters. The windows/doors are broken out. Some have been covered in plywood and the plywood is missing on others. This building should be razed. The building nor grounds are maintained.
  • 1016 Devereaux St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    Tall weeds
  • 701-713 Tilley St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    pack of dogs roaming Tilley street barking and growling at people.
  • 207 Prather St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    pack of four dogs in the neighborhood.
  • 903-905 Brown St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    German Shepard and another black and tan dog under my trailer
  • 1006-1119 Glen Fawn Rd Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    Gentleman at 1007 Glenfawn called me and ask if the city could repair the curb next to his house. He said the curb was intact until there was a water leak about a year ago. City was very responsive and worked late to repair the leak but never cleaned up the broken curb etc. it's still laying in his lot. Thanks
  • 101 S Bonner St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    Are these trash cans cleaned regularly?
  • Nichols Green Park Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    Not necessarily damage but ,would the city put up signs about snakes in park I run there and have come across copperheads on path definitely needed for people so they can be aware.
  • Peeples St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    The restrooms and the basketball court areas of the Rec Center are always filthy. There is always standing urine and feces in the restroom toilets and it smells like they haven't been flushed for a month. The basketball court needs a good sweep and mop job done to it. There is a full time woman there but I only ever see her on her phone. It wouldn't take more than 30 mins to flush all the toilets when she gets there and to sweep and mop the floors of the basketball court. Sometimes the smell from the restrooms can be smelt on the court on a hot day. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • Ongoing problemAcknowledged
    825 Florence Street Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    I live at 825 Florence Street and on either side of us are 2 abandoned Lots. These lots are very overgrown and about once or twice a year I will finally get the city of Jacksonville to come out and brush hog it but I don't know if you realize it or not, it can't just be done once and then left, because it seems to make it come back worse than before. It needs to be done every few months. It's gotten so bad this time that people come to my house and comment on it. Also you can't even see my house from either side of the street and it has made the snake problem get worse, probably due to the small animals and rodents that are living in it. Last year we had a 5 ft long very aggressive cottonmouth get in our kitchen! What really gets me is that last year the city threatened to fine us because we had a couch, that we used to sit on, on our front porch and a gate that was between my fence and my house that I used to keep my dogs in the backyard, they said these items were eyesores and threatened to fine us! I can count right off the top of my head at least 10 houses that I know of that have couches on their front porch, and if you ride through the Northside of Jacksonville and even some places on the south side you will see that people put couches and chairs on their front porches so that they can sit and visit! And nothing is ever said to them. But that is neither here nor there. I just can't believe that y'all would call those things in my yard eyesores when the overgrown jungle as I call it, on each side of my house is definitely an eyesore!