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  • 518 John St Jacksonville, TX - Jacksonville
    No one has lived in this house for years, and the owners rarely come by to check on it. Every few months, probably after they receive a citation, they have someone mow, or more like bale, the yard. The house sits in the center of the block and everyone around it has had problems with raccoons, rodents, and various other wildlife. When the owners do come, they have a hose hooked up to a pump, and they pump the rainwater that has accumulated in the basement out of the basement and allow it to drain down the street. I've seen the pump run for days at a time and still be removing large quantities of water. i know of several neighbors who have spent thousands of dollars getting raccoons removed from their attics and walls of their houses. Something needs to be done about houses that are left to sit and deteriorate, and bring down the property values of neighbors' property. This is the textbook definition of a neighborhood nuisance.
  • 205 Washington Avenue Jacksonville, TX - Jacksonville
    corner of Alabama and Washington, burned house and car, has been this way for a while. have seen kids playing in and around what's left of car/house, "beyond a safety hazard"
  • 12 Houston St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    The location has been vacant for several years and maintenance to the building structure itself is in dilapidated condition and is an eyesore to Jacksonville residents. It reflects poorly of our city from people passing through due to its location on one of two major highways in our city.
  • Abandoned BuildingAcknowledged
    Texas 204 Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    The old Travis Clinic building on 204 is an eyesore and is a problem place for squatters. The windows/doors are broken out. Some have been covered in plywood and the plywood is missing on others. This building should be razed. The building nor grounds are maintained.
  • 1016 Devereaux St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    Tall weeds
  • 1401 E Rusk St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    This business sign has been in a state of disrepair for quite sometime now. I'm just wanting to make sure it is getting replaced/fixed.
  • Animal ControlAcknowledged
    714 Fort Worth St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    I think this beautiful animal is a blue heeler. Anyway, she's roamed the near East Side for a week. Finally, I've coaxed her into our fenced yard. She needs to be picked up. No collar = likely one of many "drop off" dogs in our area. Please send help to retrieve her & help her find a capable home. We are not a "capable" home. Thanks!
  • Animal ControlAcknowledged
    701-713 Tilley St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    pack of dogs roaming Tilley street barking and growling at people.
  • 1022 Edgewood Dr Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    Dog continually on street and in my yard. Has collar. Edgewood Drive
  • Animal ControlAcknowledged
    1199 Deaton Street Jacksonville, TX 75766, United States of America - Jacksonville

    Pack of 3 stray dogs heading up senior hill toward high school.

    I know you are busy - we appreciate your hard work and wish that owners would take care of their dogs :(. Saw these this morning at 830. Thank you so much.

    One brown in grass and two white/brown dogs toward the top.

  • Animal ControlAcknowledged
    600 Reagan St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    There are some dogs getting into trash can's in the neighborhood and making a mess. We have spotted them about 4 am the past few mornings. Please help with this.
  • Animal ControlAcknowledged
    207 Prather St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    pack of four dogs in the neighborhood.