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City of Jacksonville

Open Issues: 20 Closed Issues: 963 Acknowledged Issues: 35
  • Abandoned houseAcknowledged
    Prestwick Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    this house is just west of the right of way on Prestwick Road...is not being taken care of...have seen feral cats, animals, bushes are overgrown...it is like it has been abandoned. Really is an eyesore
  • 2610 Prestwick Road Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    I have reported this house before...yard, trees overgrown....out of hand...something needs to be done...picture attached...it is worse than this picture...have more but wouldn't let me upload but one pic.
  • 205 Washington Avenue Jacksonville, TX - Jacksonville
    corner of Alabama and Washington, burned house and car, has been this way for a while. have seen kids playing in and around what's left of car/house, "beyond a safety hazard"
  • Abandoned BuildingAcknowledged
    Texas 204 Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    The old Travis Clinic building on 204 is an eyesore and is a problem place for squatters. The windows/doors are broken out. Some have been covered in plywood and the plywood is missing on others. This building should be razed. The building nor grounds are maintained.
  • 1001 Austin St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    Cars parked in yards at 1001 Austin, and 906 Austin.
  • Animal ControlAcknowledged
    600-606 Johnson Street Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    Upwards of 12 stray/wild
    cats throughout the neighborhood
  • Animal ControlAcknowledged
    206 Alexander St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    Adandodned house next door had feral cat that has a litter of kittens and the have now moved over to my shed, I was told by animal control they my not have enough room. I've had no return call.
  • Lakeshore Drive Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
  • 1006-1119 Glen Fawn Rd Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    Gentleman at 1007 Glenfawn called me and ask if the city could repair the curb next to his house. He said the curb was intact until there was a water leak about a year ago. City was very responsive and worked late to repair the leak but never cleaned up the broken curb etc. it's still laying in his lot. Thanks
  • 101 S Bonner St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    Are these trash cans cleaned regularly?
  • Nichols Green Park Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    Not necessarily damage but ,would the city put up signs about snakes in park I run there and have come across copperheads on path definitely needed for people so they can be aware.
  • 1215-1261 Heritage Dr Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    Rotten slats in bridge by waterfall. Seems unsafe, lots of families here enjoying the park on a Sunday afternoon. Thank you so much!