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City of Jacksonville

Open Issues: 2 Closed Issues: 1,244 Acknowledged Issues: 20
  • Texas 204 Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    The old Travis Clinic building on 204 is an eyesore and is a problem place for squatters. The windows/doors are broken out. Some have been covered in plywood and the plywood is missing on others. This building should be razed. The building nor grounds are maintained.
  • 1406 S Pineda St Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    For over a month a wrecked out SUV an old barge and now a junked out boat that was drug down the road, not on a trailor! just tied behind the owners red Dodge full of trash has been sitting on the property next door. The boat is partially on our property and we have picked up the majority of the trash that has blown out of it. Please help
  • 1017–1149 Corinth Rd Jacksonville 75766, United States - Jacksonville
    Red Ford pickup truck with flat tire has been parked on corner for weeks. Truck is in the street.
  • 595 S Ragsdale St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    Overgrown ditch behind HOPE needs to be mowed. Thanks.
  • 557 South Ragsdale Street Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    Area behind Hope..Needs to be scheduled to be cut on regular basis!
  • 619 Bridge St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    The Jacksonville rodeo arena needs to be mowed. It has weeds and grass over 6ft tall.
  • Devereaux Street Jacksonville, TX - Jacksonville
    right of way of Devereaux St
  • 638 San Antonio St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    High weeds and grass at 638 San Antonio and at the house directly to the right, on the corner of San Antonio and Waco. It was so overgrown, you couldn't even find a house number.
  • BushAcknowledged
    1635 South Jackson Street Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    The bush coming from Chicken Express blocks oncoming traffic, could cause an accident.
  • 503 John St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    High weeds and grass at 515 John St.
  • Devereaux St. Jacksonville, TX - Jacksonville

    1. Ditch at north end of JISD gym parking lot.

    2. Lot where ironstone CCC buildings are located and Water St. meets Devereaux.

    3. Vacant lot at bend in Devereaux across street from Item 2 above.

    Thank you.

  • 600 Pebble Beach Dr Jacksonville 75766, United States - US Congressional District TX5
    This lot is an eyesore and needs to be mowed