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City of Jacksonville

Open Issues: 38 Closed Issues: 1,141 Acknowledged Issues: 55
  • Abandoned BuildingAcknowledged
    Texas 204 Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    The old Travis Clinic building on 204 is an eyesore and is a problem place for squatters. The windows/doors are broken out. Some have been covered in plywood and the plywood is missing on others. This building should be razed. The building nor grounds are maintained.
  • 1406 S Pineda St Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    For over a month a wrecked out SUV an old barge and now a junked out boat that was drug down the road, not on a trailor! just tied behind the owners red Dodge full of trash has been sitting on the property next door. The boat is partially on our property and we have picked up the majority of the trash that has blown out of it. Please help
  • 1401 E Rusk St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    This business sign has been in a state of disrepair for quite sometime now. I'm just wanting to make sure it is getting replaced/fixed.
  • Animal ControlAcknowledged
    810 San Jacinto St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    Dogs constantly chasing pedestrians, blocking traffic on Pineda, chasing cars, and sometimes harassing people visiting loved ones at Resthaven Cemetery. They are loose and uncontrolled.
  • 207 Prather St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    Three large stray dogs in my yard this morning.
  • 1055 N Pineda St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    The fencing needs to be finished on the north side on Pineda Street. Vehicles are driving onto the grass into the cemetery. Gates would be nice at the two entrances. We see vehicles all the time going in after dark.
  • 101 S Bonner St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    Are these trash cans cleaned regularly?
  • Nichols Green Park Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    Not necessarily damage but ,would the city put up signs about snakes in park I run there and have come across copperheads on path definitely needed for people so they can be aware.
  • Peeples St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    The restrooms and the basketball court areas of the Rec Center are always filthy. There is always standing urine and feces in the restroom toilets and it smells like they haven't been flushed for a month. The basketball court needs a good sweep and mop job done to it. There is a full time woman there but I only ever see her on her phone. It wouldn't take more than 30 mins to flush all the toilets when she gets there and to sweep and mop the floors of the basketball court. Sometimes the smell from the restrooms can be smelt on the court on a hot day. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • Nichols Green Phase Ii Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville

    Tennis court has 6 lights out. All Tennis parking lot lights are out. Concerned for my child and myself safety.


  • 595 S Ragsdale St Jacksonville, TX 75766, USA - Jacksonville
    Overgrown ditch behind HOPE needs to be mowed. Thanks.
  • 557 South Ragsdale Street Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    Area behind Hope..Needs to be scheduled to be cut on regular basis!