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  • 673 Wood Ave Middlesex, NJ - Edison

    I would very much appreciate it if someone can help with shoveling part of the driveway as we are elderly with health problems and not able to.

    Here is the address:
    673 wood Ave
    North Brunswick, nj 08902

    Thanks in advance

  • 24 Sanders Road Edison/Middlesex County, New Jersey - Edison
    I'm just trying to get help with the snow shoveling done on my sidewalks, driveway and front porches. I'm an elderly,. single woman with bad back and neck problems and an incision that opened and is starting to heal and I'm not suppose to lift anything. I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for your services. Thank You, MM
  • 307-337 Hidden Valley Drive Edison, New Jersey - Edison

    Hello Sir,

    I live in hidden valley at Edison. This is about 0.5 mile from metro park. And like there are many people living in my society and nearby society walk from metro park.
    However during evening walking on hidden valley drive is very dangerous, as there is no streetlight or sidewalk.
    It's around 0.1-0.2 mile path of hidden valley drive (connecting wood avenue) that need streetlight as early as possible to save walking commuters on hidden valley drive.

    Hidden Valley Drive
    Edison NJ 08820