Saugus Town Hall PLUS

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  • 21 Harwich St Saugus, MA, 01906, USA - Saugus
    Street light out across from 28 Auburn st
  • Walnut St Saugus, MA, 01906, USA - Saugus
    I have REPORTED these street lights which go on and off many times months ago and the crosswalks which need to be installed from Central Street to Stillings near lynnfield, you did not have them fixed. As if today 8/3/19 they have not been fixed. Fix them or I am going to contact the NEWS channels, Fox25 incestigates, channel 4, Channel 5, channel 7 and channel 10.
  • 14 Cliftondale Ave - Saugus
    Contractors are definitely filling in a wetland area with crushed stone.This will impact residents in this area .Area is always wet and floods quickly.The area they are filling is town property .Please address as soon as possible.This is a paper street on the map.
  • 25 Cliftondale Ave Saugus 01906, United States - Saugus
    The flooding needs to be addressed behind this location.DPW looked at it a few years ago but nothing was done .This all started when the sewer lines were lined a few years back.Not sure why it happened since but that’s when it all started.
  • 2-10 Mt Vernon St Saugus, MA, 01906, USA - Saugus
    Catch basins on the myrtle street side of 12 mt vernon, and the linwood side of 12 mt vernon need to be cleaned out they are full of sand,dirt etc. When it rains the water is over the curbs.
  • 27 Cliftondale Ave Saugus 01906, United States - Saugus
    Street light is out in front of 27 Cliftondale Ave.
  • 89 School St Saugus MA 01906, United States - Saugus
    Signs need to be put up on the rail trail .Residential area please be respectful Not just the beginning but all along the trail..
  • 19 Sunnyside Ave Saugus, MA, 01906, USA - Saugus
    street light out
  • 101 Adams Ave Saugus MA 01906, United States - Saugus
    This house has a burnt out truck half on the sidewalk and trash all around the house.
  • Street light outتم إقراره
    11 Johnson Road Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    The streetlight in front of 11 Johnson Road is out and has been out for some time. The neighborhood is very dark because of this
  • Central Street Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus

    Hi Brendon, is it possible to have more lights installed at the front door of the Senior Center? The Hammersmith Quilt Guild has about 100 members and they meet at night. It is really dark and scary for the women walking to their cars. As always thank you for any help you can give.

    Jeanie Bartolo
    Town Meeting Member
    Precinct 6

  • 38 Juniper Drive Saugus, MA, 01906, USA - Saugus
    The Pond at 38 Juniper Drive is very Full of water. THE poison Ivy is now creeping onto the sidewalk creating a hazard for people that walk on our Street. We have often wondered why this area is so badly taken care of since all of our neighbors take care of their properties. Why is this ok that this property is left is such disaray. Can this property be cleaned up? Can the owners (DiBiase Salem Realty ) take care of this property and clear away the TRASH, DEBRIS and the POISON IVY before it becomes something more serious? The POND is dirty and over run with trash and other items. Please advise Thank you.