Saugus Town Hall PLUS

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  • 6 Aspen Terrace Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    Hi, can someone please remove the tree that has fallen on Aspen Terrace? It’s laying in the middle of the street.
  • Parker St Saugus, Massachusetts, 01906 - Saugus
    Not safe. Please cut the branches on tree at corner of Parker & Central. It does not allow you to stay on sidewalk. Also trim bushes growing at base of trees between 269 Central & church
  • 20 Lothrop St Saugus, Massachusetts, 01906 - Saugus
    Large branch fell from the town Tree please pick up. On the side of the street.
  • 54 Magnolia St Saugus, MA, 01906, USA - Saugus
    Safety hazard:
    Across from 57 Magnolia st, there is a BIG tree leaning over the house, Ive contacted the town via email few times about this safety concern. And they haven’t done anything about it.
    I need this tree at least to be trimmed off the branches off the house.
    This branches came down few days ago almost hit my car. I’m very very concerned about this tree all over my house and my family.
  • 269 Central Street Saugus, MA, 01906, USA - Saugus
    Please cut limbs on town tree not allowing people to use the sidewalk at corner of Parker & Central St. before someone gets hit by a car. Third request!!!!
  • 1 Cliff Road Saugus, MA, 01906, USA - Saugus
    Tree needs pruning
  • 24 Staaf Road Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    Across from 25 Staaf there is a light fixture that is not working and has not been working for a while. It makes the road and neighborhood areas incredibly dark.
  • Utility CoversĐược thừa nhận
    1 Pelham St Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    Catch Basin is caving in.
  • Utility CoversĐược thừa nhận
    64 Denver St Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    yesterday the sewer repair people were working in the manhole at 64 Denver whenever a car goes over it rattles
  • 54 Pearson St Saugus 01906, United States - Saugus
    Street light more off than on.
  • 22 Marshall Ave Saugus, MA, 01906, USA - Saugus
    Recent wind/storm has caused the light fixture to fall. Glass and light cover are in the roadway. Street light now non-functioning on an otherwise dark dead end road.
  • 8 Bayfield Road Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    Street floods for hours after rain storms.need drains cleaned out.tnx