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  • Code EnforcementПризнана
    5349 Howard Creek Rd Sarasota, FL, 34241, USA - Sarasota County
    This green gate and the fence to the right of it was put up last week and blocks a county drainage easement and ditch. This man has does this because he does not want walkers, bike riders, or horse riders going by his house. He runs an illegal carpentry/cabinet making business out of his garage and doesn't want to get reported again. He's already been told to shut it down before. The county has been called for a second gate that illegally blocks the drainage easement trail behind his house, but has been threatened by this bully, so they don't do anything. This is unacceptable. This easement cannot have a closed gate and I am sick of this man being able to get away with bending the rules to suit himself. We must all abide by the law, he is not special and does not get a hall pass to do what he wants.
  • Code EnforcementПризнана
    3012 Lockwood Ter Sarasota, FL, 34231, USA - Gulf Gate Estates
    House at 3012 Lockwood Terrace in Gulf Gate is being illegally used as a short term rental. This picture was taken July 5, 2020. Owners of the house live in Key Colony Beach, FL. Different cars are there weekly - sometimes less than a week.
  • Illegal RentalПризнана
    2511 Cardwell Way Sarasota, FL, 34231, USA - Gulf Gate Estates
    The property, newly sold, is being used as an Airbnb-type rental.
  • Code EnforcementПризнана
    10 Beach Rd Sarasota FL 34242, United States - Sarasota County

    Unsanctioned religious signage posted in the public right of way

    Cross posted on the old pier by the flag pole .... both are an eyesore to those unmoved by gods perfect nature marred by mans hands

    Please at the very least
    have the cross removed

  • Code EnforcementПризнана
    4847 Commonwealth Dr Siesta Key, FL, 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    This house at 4847 Commonwealth Drive, Siesta Key recently sold and is now being advertised as a rental with multiple rentals a month. That is not allowed as the zoning in this area is one rental per month. House may also have had some non permitted work as it is advertised as a f bedroom when it sold as a 4 bedroom. I have been told they are utilizing a non compliant area downstairs as a bedroom. Not against rentals, just against breaking the rules and all the noise.
  • Code EnforcementПризнана
    3613 Fenway Dr Sarasota Springs, FL, 34232, USA - Sarasota Springs
    commercial vehicles, one of three that may be there. They have been violating this everyday since they moved in a few months ago. Your codes people have been over there numerous times and they still park Dailey. This truck is there right now. The supervisors at the codes dept find the intent of the law "sketchy ", "hard to understand" and (ha ha) "must be written by lawyers" . The cancer of ignorance in the codes dept starts at the top, they must be removed and people that understand that other people want to live, at least, to the standard of the law. I have had 22 police officers and 3 county codes people here and the commercial vehicles are still here Dailey. Please remove ALL commercial vehicles, trailers, unregistered cars and boats in the middle of lawns. Oh yeah! There are some lawns that need to be mowed too. (lawns they issue paperwork for and say must be done is so many days, not junk cars?) Please clean up Sarasota Springs and make it a respectable place to live again.
  • Code EnforcementПризнана
    635 Avenida Del Norte Sarasota, FL, 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    Short term rental not allowed, parties all night, police activity til 3:00. Disruption in quiet neighborhood. Damage done. Out of state owner needs to be contacted.
  • Code EnforcementПризнана
    2753 Feiffer Cir Sarasota, FL, 34235, USA - Kensington Park

    Homeowner has left their trash bin out by the curb after 10am of pick up date. Today at 2:44pm. Third request. Please assist thank you

    • Waste containers may be set at the curb no
    earlier than 5 p.m. the day prior to pick-up,
    and removed from the curb no later than
    10 a.m. the day after pick-up

  • Code EnforcementПризнана
    2757 Feiffer Cir Sarasota, FL, 34235, USA - Kensington Park
    Homeowner refuses to place trash out prior to 5pm per County Code ordinance. This has been an on going issue for many years and the county code enforcement officer refuses to correct or issue a citation. This is intentional and willfully. This is a nusiance to the neighborhood. Thank you very much. Please see address history.
  • Code EnforcementПризнана
    2749 Feiffer Cir Sarasota, FL, 34235, USA - Kensington Park
    Homeowners placed recyclable bin at curbside Friday night 12/31/21 prior to Sarasota County Ordinance, (no sooner than 5pm each Sunday). Bin is still there. They also left a nice mess of hazardous fireworks debris/waste on Sarasota County public road, further causing several public nuisances, and disrespecting Sarasota County property. Further, homeowner continues to park a Commercial Truck in a residential neighborhood against County Ordinance. Please help. Thank you.
  • Code EnforcementПризнана
    4040-4098 Higel Ave Sarasota, FL, 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    All the ‘Stop High Density Hotels’ signs throughout Siesta Key are very tacky and I’m guessing there’s an ordinance against them. Keep Siesta Key beautiful and tacky sign free. Thanks!
  • Code EnforcementПризнана
    Athletes Dr Sarasota, FL, 34235, USA - Sarasota County
    S&D plan required that shell parking for boat ramp in east and west lake be converted to paved surface when development done. The East lake was converted. The West lake was not. Sarasota County ordinance requires that rock or shell MAY be approved if an alternate parking plan is submitted to the County Engineer and Zoning and $500.00 fee paid. This also does not meet ADA as no path other than shell from Athletes Drive to boat ramp/handicap spot.