Sarasota County Services PLUS

Open Issues: 5 Closed Issues: 15,729 Acknowledged Issues: 810
  • N Gondola Dr Venice, FL, 34293, USA - Venice Gardens

    Please maintain and paint fire hydrants on north, east and south gondola rd

    Thank you

  • 6622 Seagate Ave Sarasota, FL, 34231, USA - Gulf Gate Estates
    The fence around the lift station in the median at Gulf Gate Dr and Seagate Ave has one of the slats on the ground. Letting you know so maybe someone can come from the county and put it back up. Thank you.
  • 1901 Avenue A Sarasota FL 34231, United States - Sarasota County
    This individual takes store shopping carts, fills them with assorted debris, then leaves them scattered around the neighborhood He seems confused. Please re-assist him to get the help he needs & for the merchants to get their carts back. Schooner Bay -outside fence area near Avenue A & Baywood Drive.
  • 872–1038 Knight'S Trail Rd Venice FL 34275, United States - Venice
    Fence broken on Knightstrail next to pond
    Safety issue
  • WreckAcknowledged
    211 Alligator Dr Venice, FL, 34293, USA - South Venice
    There was a white jeep that was wrecked between Hialeah Rd and our house that had to be pulled out by a tow truck, very large and long crevice left by the tires of the tow truck or damaged vehicle, many people come very fast around this corner day and night, I am afraid that others taking the corner too sharp will be thrown into the large crevice and be pulled into it, very dangerous. One person died there a couple of years back, same thing. We have numerous pic’s of many vehicles that have landed in this ditch over the years. Needs to be fixed very soon. My humble recommendation would be to put a guard rail along that corner with blinking lights on it. We have lost so many mailboxes, large ruts in our own lawn that we had to fix ourselves at our own cost, because of dangerous speeding, this is just crazy that nothing is being done, I would really not want another death to happen. Jane Szymanski
  • WeedsAcknowledged
    Hermes Rd & Old Englewood Rd Venice, FL, 34293, USA - Venice Gardens
    Please trim/clear these unsightly weeds from around this Sarasota County property.
  • Code EnforcementAcknowledged
    6572 Gateway Ave Sarasota, FL, 34231, USA - Gulf Gate Estates
    This is ridiculous and getting worse by the day. A few hours after this picture was taken there was more garbage bags in the alleyway and boxes of rotting fruit. This is a 911. Plus somebody needs to take a look at the water buildup in the alley as well. This is going to cause mosquitos and bacteria in stagnant water that is sure to cause bacterial growth. This is a major health issue with so many food and beverage businesses close by.
  • 750–798 Mangrove Point Rd Sarasota FL 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    Workers came out on behalf of Sarasota County and removed all healthy vegetation to complete underground work. They replaced all of the destroyed vegetation with these bushes which are now completely dead. They are nothing but a fire hazard. They need to be replaced with something drought tolerant that will survive similar to what they removed in the first place.