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  • Code EnforcementAcknowledged
    Maceachen Blvd Sarasota, FL, 34233, USA - South Gate Ridge

    There are may newsracks in this location that the are in violation of Sarasota County, Florida - Code of Ordinances, Chapter 98 - Roads and Bridges, Article 1., Sec. 98-10 [Newsracks]

    These newsracks are in violation of these sections of the ordinances:

    (f) (6) Each Newsrack shall have affixed to it, in a readily visible place so as to be seen by anyone using the Newsrack, a notice setting forth the name and address of the Distributor and the telephone number of a working telephone service to call to report a malfunction, to secure a refund in the event of a malfunction of the coin return mechanism, or to give the notices provided for in this section.

    (f) (7) Each Newsrack shall be maintained in a neat and clean condition and in good repair at all times. At a minimum, each Newsrack shall be serviced and maintained so that:

    It is free of dirt and grease:
    It is free of chipped, faded, peeling, or cracked paint in the visible painted areas thereof;
    It is free of rust or corrosion in the visible unpainted areas thereon;
    The structural parts are not broken or unduly misshapen; and

    (g) (2) Modular Newsracks shall be bolted to a paved or concrete surface. No other Newsracks, Bases, or Mounts shall be chained, bolted, or otherwise attached to any other fixture located in the Public Right-of-Way, except to other Newsracks.

    (g) (3) Newsracks may be placed next to each other provided that no group of Newsracks shall extend for a distance of more than eight feet in any direction, and a space of not less than three feet shall separate each group of Newsracks; this provision shall not apply to groups of Newsracks located within one foot of and parallel to buildings or other fixed barriers to pedestrian movement;

    (l) Abandonment. In the event a Newsrack remain empty of publication for a period of 45 connective days, the same shall be deemed abandoned and may be treated in the manner as provided in subsection (i) of this section for Newracks in violation of the provisions of this section.

  • 102 Pesaro Dr Venice FL 34275, United States - Venice
    Illegal signs posted on Laurel Road
  • Code EnforcementAcknowledged
    5511 Dinah Ln Sarasota, FL 34231, USA - Sarasota County
    Back of lot overgrown. Flat bottom boat full of rainwater in back yard.
  • SignAcknowledged
    Sarasota FL, USA - Rosemary District

    Horton Developer sign in public right a way, not adjacent to development, (across the street)

    Is the sign permitted? Can it be in public right a way?

  • Code EnforcementAcknowledged
    5245 Susan Ave Sarasota, FL, 34231, USA - South Sarasota
    There is a tent city being set up in the backyard. You can see it thru the fence on the Wason side. There are more vehicles there than the number of renters allowed and some of the people in that house ride bikes. There are more than the allowed number of unrelated people in the house. The yard is being used for homeless who are working on the house. Again unpermitted work is going on. She is running a rental and the number of people is a violation
  • Street LightAcknowledged
    Fordham Rd & Miami Rd Venice, FL, 34293, USA - South Venice
    Palm planted in clear vision for pulling onto Miami from Oberlin
  • Code EnforcementAcknowledged
    532 La Gorce Dr Venice, FL, 34293, USA - Venice Gardens
    The grass hasn't been mowed in over 4 months.
  • Code EnforcementAcknowledged
    3605 Fenway Dr Sarasota, FL, 34232, USA - Sarasota Springs
    Junk, junk trailers, ditch weeds overgrown, junk on front and back lawn. fence not to code, trash all around property. Have been reporting this property and others for a year now. How many years does it take to clean up one property? There are ten more, ten years?
  • Code EnforcementAcknowledged
    2923 Captiva Way Sarasota FL 34231, United States - Gulf Gate Estates
    Weeds on property over 2 ft high.
  • Code EnforcementAcknowledged
    405 E Seminole Dr Venice, FL, 34293, USA - Venice Gardens
    The garage in the photo was built without a permit and I am sure it was built too close to the property line of the empty lot next to it. Also the owners of this property use the empty lot for their personal use to park trucks, Xfinity work van and even put a tire swing in the tree.
  • Code EnforcementAcknowledged
    2835 Coventry Way Sarasota FL 34231, United States - Gulf Gate Estates
    This property was purchased in February 2021. It was rented on February 28 (family with children. Rented a 2nd time around March 7 (group of approximately 10 young people who carried on every night till 3 AM). Rented a 3rd time on March 28. This group is from Illinois. Rented a 4th time around March 23-25 while a new roof was being added. This couple used filthy language while playing a corn hole game. CODE VIOLATION .
  • Code EnforcementAcknowledged
    5045 Midnight Pass Rd Sarasota, FL, 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    Yet another neighborhood short term rental, I see 1302 Roberts Bay Ln, Sarasota, FL 34242 has already been reported. Both of these houses have been renting weekly since July 4th. With a pandemic going on our neighborhood has been overrun with visitors. 5045 has new people from PA, and 1302 also with new people and look to have over 10, with multiple cars parked all over the property area.