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  • RoadsReconnu
    11 Brisbane Ct Savannah 31411, United States - Landings Association
    Asphalt eroded in several spots on Brisbane Ct.
  • RoadsReconnu
    Skimmar Cir Savannah, GA, 31411, USA - Landings Association
    Across the street from #1, is a large sinking dip in the road.
  • PotholeReconnu
    2 Clamshell Lane Savannah, Ga, 31411 - Landings Association
    David Erwin of 2 Clamshell Called to report that a pothole is forming on Clamshell Lane.
  • RoadsReconnu
    6 Sweet William Retreat Savannah, GA, 31411, USA - Landings Association
    Had a root intrusion in front of his house, was repaired a couple years ago however; seems to still be causing some issues.
  • 8 Cattail Court Savannah, Georgia - Landings Association
    The storm drain is located between #6 & 7 Cattail Court. About a year ago, the street drainage at the edge of the road was replace in front of #7. I previously reported that there is a high portion of the repair that prevents water from running freely to the storm drain. I reported this in the early spring, but on correction has been made. Please reconsider this drainage concern.I can email photos if needed. Ph 912 660 0714
  • 5 Moonglade Court Savannah GA - Landings Association
    Resident called and stated that a small sinkhole is forming directly over the storm drain pipe near the lagoon
  • Barnwell Lane At Landings Way North - Landings Association
    Concrete Inlet looks to be cracked