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  • 170 Lowell Ave battle creek, Michigan - Calhoun County
    My whole road is destroyed. It needs to be repaved. The road is need of such repair that it is bringing down the value of my home. I plan to sell in May of 2016, and I would appreciate this road being fixed.
  • 17172-17318 10 Mile Road Battle Creek, Michigan - Calhoun County
    The section of Ten Mile Road between Verona Rd and Michigan Ave. continues to get new potholes and the patches that had filled prior potholes are coming out. Why don't you just resurface the road with blacktop or pea gravel like you did to Verona road? Stop with the less than half measures and get the job done.
  • 18000 9 1/2 Mile Road Battle Creek, MI 49014, USA - Calhoun County
    Continued issue with major potholes, making road very dangerous and almost impassable. Road is almost single lane now due to how bad potholes are. This has been an issue for over 10 years. Please properly repair road once and for all!!!
  • 10001-10931 6 1/2 Mile Rd Battle Creek, MI 49014, USA - Calhoun County
    A bunch of them in front of my driveway. 10567 6 1/2 Mile road
  • 400-498 Electric Ave Battle Creek, MI 49014, США - Brownlee Park
    Road is falling apart, have to avoid the paved part to drive through + deep pothole growing
  • 3400-10187 28 Mile Road Homer, Michigan - Calhoun County
    Road conditions on this section of 28 Mile Rd is Horrible. there is No path to make it up & down the road.
    The road is basically riddled with holes, think it has gotten to the point that it has gotten away from the road commission.
    Received phone message from Scott Oats, and even he agreed it was a mess.
    posted this on here before , now i see it is not showing up, nor has anything been done.
    this encompasses the area of 28 Mile Rd south from P Dr S in Homer township.
  • 10600 6 1/2 Mile Road Battle Credk Mi - Calhoun County
  • 17001-17999 9 1/2 Mile Rd Battle Creek, MI 49014, USA - Calhoun County
    Road starting to open up at intersection of L drive and 9 1/2 mile rd. this intersection was just "patched" within the last 6-9 months. It is a regular issue that needs to be properly corrected. The annual (if we are lucky that often) attempts at filling the holes is not effective.
  • North Avenue calhoun , Michigan - Calhoun County
    Pot holes in the north bound lane on North Avenue at White Rabbit Road.
  • 18000-18292 9 1/2 Mile Road Battle Creek, MI 49014, USA - Calhoun County
    Continued issues with potholes
  • 101-299 Dundee Dr Battle Creek, Michigan - Calhoun County
    Several potholes next to Beadle Ladle elementary school. Needs a resurfaced for about 1/4 of this road.
  • 9997 D Drive North Battle Creek, Michigan - Calhoun County
    Pot holes at 9997 D Drive North are large and deep. Bent a motorcycle tire on them today while trying to avoid oncoming traffic that had moved into my lane while they were trying to avoid potholes. Now with the S wattle Road detour which routes traffic down D Drive North cars are dodging the potholes and nearly colliding. Images to follow some pot holes are over 8 inches deep. Very dangerous conditions. Needs attention very soon.