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  • 498 Whitney Avenue New Haven, CT - East Rock
    Many dead limbs in street tree overhanging Whitney Avenue, falling on passing traffic
  • Tree TrimmingAcknowledged
    106 Sherman Ave. New Haven, Connecticut - West River
    Tree in front of house was trimmed. The logs were left behind at the curb.
  • Tree TrimmingAcknowledged
    32 Truman Street New Haven, CT - Hill
  • Possible dead treeAcknowledged
    108 Adeline Street NEW H5, CT - Hill
    Tree limbs hanging over wires, limbs falling on vehicles causing consistent damage. Please send the tree wardon to inspect
  • Tree TrimmingAcknowledged
    70 Lakeview Terr New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Owner called to have 2 trees removed. Last yr notes were put on tree to have trees taken down but nothing was done. Trees are causing hazard. Please assist.
  • Tree TrimmingAcknowledged
    107 Adeline Street New Haven, Connecticut - Hill
    So I have a question I have a tree at 107 Adeline Street that has been acknowledged and it's been acknowledged for some quite some time and I put a problem in for 166 York street that was acknowledged is all being acknowledged but nothing's being done and nothing to being told as to when it's going to be handled is there any way we can get an acknowledgement of how and when it's going to be handled the snow is coming the tree is still up branches are falling is it going to take somebody's life to be taken before this tree is taken down because all the documentation is being done but nothing's being handled can somebody please update the status on this tree and stands about 130 feet tall and spans about 40 feet wide at the top of the tree this is just recent Bridge is falling
  • Tree TrimmingAcknowledged
    50 Quinnipiac Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Annex
    tree across the street needs trimming in front of light poll # 542.
  • Tree TrimmingAcknowledged
    150 Shelton Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Newhallville
  • HangersAcknowledged
    746 Elm St New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood

    Trees need to be cut and trimmed. Branches are hanging on wires. Owner sees this as hazardous. On the other tree limbs are hanging too low that it's hard to walk by without getting hit by a limb.

    Please assist.

  • 314 Goffe Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Cant miss it. HUGE tree across from Park just past Hudson st., completely dead, such a shame for a tree this size. see larger branches on ground quite often. Maybe take down in parts,?? Not a small job ! Thank you
  • Tree TrimmingAcknowledged
    155 West Street New Haven, CT - Hill
  • Tree REMOVALAcknowledged
    68 Miller St. New Haven, Connecticut - West River