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  • Tree TrimmingAcknowledged
    170 Bellevue Rd New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Beaver Hills
    Poison ivy covers the trunk of street tree. This is not good for the tree or the neighbors or anyone using the sidewalk. Ivy branches extend 5 to 6 feet outward from the trunk.
  • Parks RequestAcknowledged
    Edgerton Park New Haven, Connecticut - Prospect Hill
    There are many huge downed trees at Edgerton Park that have been there since March storms. They are a hazard and need to be removed immediately. Children are playing on them despite the yellow caution tape.
    - 2 LARGE white pine trees in lower field
    - 1 Yew at top of lower hill. 1/2 of tree is down
    The park has many visitors every day especially in the summer. New Haven Parks Department tree removal equipment should be over to take care of this with chain saws and chippers. Tomorrow is AUGUST. Thank you for your attention to this important and long overdue fix.
  • Tree TrimmingAcknowledged
    5 Whittier Road New Haven, CT - Westville
    We have a diseased and overgrown City of New Haven tree in front of our house which was planted between the sidewalk and street. I am concerned that it will crash on our house in high winds. Could you please remove this tree?
  • TrimmingAcknowledged
    221 Barnes Ave New Haven, CT - Quinnipiac
  • 90 Davis Street New Haven, Connecticut - Amity
    This Ash tree is severely damaged. The bark js coming off of it rapidly and in large chunks. There are visible insects and woodpeckers have made hundreds if not thousands of holes. This issue was brought to the attention of Parks and Rec in July and they said they would forward the information to the Maintenance Department. There is only so long until this tree falls and hurts someone or damages property. The tree is on the City side of the sidewalk.
  • Tree TrimmingAcknowledged
    35-37 Young St. New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
  • Tree TrimmingAcknowledged
    65 Elmwood Road New Haven, CT - Westville
  • Tree TrimmingAcknowledged
    574 Orange Street New Haven, CT - Bishop-Hine
  • Tree TrimmingAcknowledged
    415 Orange Street New Haven, CT - Downtown
  • Tree TrimmingAcknowledged
    120 Bellevue Road New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
  • Tree TrimmingAcknowledged
    275 East Rock Road New Haven, Connecticut - Prospect Hill
    ward 19
  • Tree TrimmingAcknowledged
    120 Grafton Street New Haven, CT - Chatham Square