Atlantic County ObLITTERators PLUS

Atlantic County ObLITTERators

Open Issues: 12 Closed Issues: 74 Acknowledged Issues: 0
  • 6678 East Black Horse Pike Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey - Atlantic County
    The access road to Wawa 6678 Black Horse Pike has a continuing littler problem. The storm drains are filled with letter as well. This litter is also affecting Tilton Road behind the store as well. Actually the entire section of Old Tilton Road if filled with litter up to the FAA Tech intersection.
  • 4430 Lombard St Mays Landing NJ 08330 - Atlantic County
    garbage along street. also much garbage between back Bay Walk Between Borgata and Harrah's.
  • 114 S. Ocean Ave. Atlantic City, New Jersey - CRDA
    There are loads of beer cans, trash and a large carpet on this vacant lot
  • 5 N Marion Ave Ventnor City, New Jersey - Ventnor City
    As city is aware of the callendar ave plot. People still bring their pet dogs and never cleanu dog waste. Its been getting very serious concern regarding health.Looks like a dog park. People from all over bring their pets. Kindly ask the owner to put a fence or city to put a sign regarding dog waste.Please take necessary steps to keep the environment safe.
  • 416 Jackson Ave Northfield, New Jersey - Northfield
    glass on street corner
  • 219 Blackman Road Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey - Atlantic County
  • 114 S. Ocean Ave. Atlantic City, New Jersey - CRDA
    This is a vacant lot with loads of trash and beer cans and a large carpet
  • 250 Mystic Ave egg harbor township, New Jersey - Atlantic County
    250 Mystic Drive Egg Harbor Township
    old rug outside for weeks (corner of Cape Island Court)
  • 103 - 115 S Ocean Ave Atlantic City, New Jersey - CRDA
    These vacant lots have scattered trash and debris especially at the rear areas including and old TV set and soda crates.
  • 1103 1st St Northfield, New Jersey - Northfield
    Trash from the SJ gas contractor employees is being left on the roadsides,and sidewalks in particular along 1st St and Davis Ave.
  • 341-398 North Leipzig Avenue Egg Harbor City, New Jersey - Atlantic County
    3 TVs were dumped on the side of the road near the end of North Leipzig Avenue between Friday night and early Saturday morning May 6th.
  • 40 Clover Hill Circle Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey - Atlantic County
    Our neighbor Paul at 40 Clover Hill Circle has for the fourth time put large limbs from his property next to the storm drain just past his property line. When these are collected (usually at least a week after he puts them out) a large pile of dirt and bark shards remains, which he sweeps down the drain. The tree limbs are out again. Could anyone be sent to ask him to move them midway across his property line which is about 25 ft from the storm drain, and dispose of what is left behind by bagging and leaving it at the same location (midway across his front property line). Numerous neighbors are upset but no one will deal with him.