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Sterling Heights, MI

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  • PotholeAcknowledged
    43404 Goldberg Dr Sterling Heights, MI, 48313, USA - Sterling Heights
    I'm interested in fixing the approach to my driveway. But, I don't want to waste my money if the street is going to remain in the shape it's in. Can that section be cut out and fixed properly? Not just patched.
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    40359 Meade Point Dr Sterling Heights, MI, 48313, USA - Sterling Heights
    Street has been steadily sinking in front of my house and my neighbors causing a persistent low spot with standing water of 1"-2". Impossible to curb park in front of my neighbors house unless dry weather is guaranteed, unless you want wet pants. Depression has been growing for years, lots of bubbling as water drains into concrete cracks. Total ice in winter.
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    43404 Goldberg Dr Sterling Heights, MI, 48313, USA - Sterling Heights
    The cracks and potholes in the street, as well as the approach, are becoming more and more of a tripping hazard. Anyone that parks in the street and comes up to the house has to avoid what has become known as "Goldberg Bay." Can a section be cut out and replaced properly? Not just patched. The patch continues to crumble and causes more issues.
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    14431 Hillsdale Dr Sterling Heights MI 48313, United States - Sterling Heights
    Road sinking in and water pools before drain. In winter freezes and tripping hazard because it's like an ice rink. Trees are pushing up road and destroying concrete.
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    4305 18 1/2 Mile Rd Sterling Heights, MI 48314, USA - Sterling Heights
    entrance road off of 18-1/2 mile onto Plumtree. mostly caused by contruction trucks
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    4272–4298 18 1/2 Mile Rd Sterling Heights MI 48314, United States - Sterling Heights
    18 1/2 mile is a road filled with potholes and bumps. This road is absolutely terrible. And they have really nice houses in this area but a bad road? It’s also very dark inside of it too. I always need to dodge pot holes and sometimes I can’t do that because the street is onto one lane I don’t want to hit another car.
  • Animal ControlAcknowledged
    35755 Collingwood Dr Sterling Heights MI 48312, United States - Sterling Heights
    Renters have 2 dogs-husky and pit bull mix who get out of their yard/jump fences, go into other neighbors yards. Just heard 2 neighbors yelling at these renters to keep their dog out of their backyard as this has been going on since they moved into the house in July. Have found dog feces in our front yard and back yard (we do not have dogs). Dogs have been seen running around unleashed between 3-4am.
  • Animal ControlAcknowledged
    42247 Sycamore Dr Sterling Heights, MI, 48313, USA - Sterling Heights
    Again, this residence does not keep an eye nor a leash on their dog. The dog wanders down the street and into neighbors yards without owners nearby. This endangers other residents who frequently walk their dogs throughout the neighborhood.
  • 36535 Rowe Dr Sterling Heights, MI, 48312, USA - Sterling Heights
    Hello, I live around the corner from this house. These people always have their garage a little bit open with water and food. There always cats running all around the neighborhood. Last year I even had some kittens in my shed where I had to call you guys. I have no idea how many strays they have that they are feeding, but there are cats running all around the block. The cats are always cutting through our backyard, I have seen many many cats. I live on Grand Haven, but they are 2 houses South of grand haven on the West side of rowe. This just cannot be healthy for those cats.
    Thank you so much in advance! Please do not tell them I told you...but I'm concerned about all the cats around
    Thanks again
  • 6150 Catalpa Ave Sterling Heights, MI, 48314, USA - Sterling Heights
    9/25/20. This morning I just watch Gfl garbage truck pick up my trash and yard waste and put in the same truck! I recycle and separate my yard waste, what is the point of doing this if it’s not being properly disposed on their end ?
  • 2226 Camel Dr Sterling Heights, MI, 48310, USA - Sterling Heights
    The occupants at 2226 Camel Drive put the trash out early and do not take the cans in after collection. They put the trash out on this week on Tuesday and our collection is Monday morning. With the holiday the trash will be out for 7 days. The cans are overfilled and do not have lids, trash is now on the ROW. Thank you in advance, we appreciate your help.
  • 11648 Canterbury Dr Sterling Heights MI 48312, United States - Sterling Heights
    This home has “Slow down” signs permanently Nailed to their Boulevard tree. I agree with the message, but it makes the neighborhood look trashy. Isn’t there a code about how These types of signs can be displayed in a yard?