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City of Bridgeport

Open Issues: 604 Closed Issues: 19,547 Acknowledged Issues: 928
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    540 Seaview Ave Bridgeport, CT, 06607, USA - Bridgeport
    black lincoln navigator plate oav.va1
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    39 Dover St Bridgeport, CT, 06610, USA - Bridgeport
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    38 Savoy St Bridgeport 06606, United States - Bridgeport
    Car has been parked here for over a year and nobody in the neighborhood owns it.
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    385 Trumbull Ave Bridgeport 06606, United States - Bridgeport
    This truck for several months is on public roadway and not drivable because the front wheels are significantly bent and not headed same direction.
    Additionally is is loaded with wastes / garrage.
    Please have this removed so the area can be improved on and not look like Sanford and Sons area.
  • 1489–1499 Iranistan Ave Bridgeport 06605, United States - Bridgeport
    Vehicle has been parked here for over two weeks with a flat tire it limits the on street parking.
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    Minnesota Ave Bridgeport, CT, 06610, USA - Bridgeport
  • 183 Wordin Ave Bridgeport, CT 06605, USA - Bridgeport
    The owner of this vehicle thought it wise to open his passenger door and urinate right in front of my home while women were watching. when asked why he did not used a porta potty in the park he said it was too far from him. in fairfield this man would have been arrested.....
  • 59 Johnson St. Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    Abandoned house. Bags,trash,debris,broken windows,vagrants,etc. A mess.
  • Head Quarters Barber Shop Fern Street, Bridgeport, CT 06606, United States of America - Bridgeport
    City area overgrowth in sidewalk and this whole area needs to be cleaned out and cut back immediately.
  • 357 Beechwood Ave Bridgeport 06604, United States - Bridgeport
    Too much trash in the backyard, mosquitoes can reproduce in those containers.
  • 209 Beechmont Ave Bridgeport, CT, 06606, USA - Bridgeport
    mult cars in rear in various states of repair/unrepair - all over yard
  • 376 Cleveland Ave Bridgeport, CT, 06604, USA - Bridgeport