Roswell, Georgia PLUS

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  • 260 Hedge Row Holw Roswell 30076, United States - Roswell
    Trailer in driveway, visible
    From street. This has been reported previously
  • 575 Saddle Creek Cir Roswell 30076, United States - Roswell
    Camper in driveway for a year. This is violation of city code
  • 1300 North Coleman Road Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Burnt fence. It has been approx 3 years since the fence was burnt and it has not been replaced.
  • 395 S Atlanta St Roswell, GA, 30075, USA - Roswell
    Damster with veterinary waste left open on nights and all weekends. All sorts of animals are feeding from it which could lead to disease in the neighborhood. Shouldn't this damster also be in an enclosure?
  • 425 Longleaf Drive - Roswell
    Overgrown weeds and unkept lawn.
  • 730 Waterbrook Ter Roswell 30076, United States - Roswell
    Grass too long, large branch on front lawn since last year, vines growing up the house and across the roof, and plants growing in gutters.
  • 245 Saddle Horn Cir. Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    This is the second attempt at resolving this issue. After the first notice, part of the front yard was cut. However, this seems it was little more than a superficial effort to avoid a problem with the city. The side yards and backyard are now more than 2 feet high. It is unsightly and even becoming a health issue attracting unwanted vermin and the following predators.The property seems to be moving toward widespread neglect.
  • 940 Saddle Ridge Ct Roswell 30076, United States - Roswell
    Trailer in driveway, been reported previously
  • SidewalkOuvert
    Coleman Rd Roswell, GA, 30075, USA - Roswell
    Sara Chappell, 917-817-8384, called to report a homeowner that is blocking/obstructing approximately 100 yards of sidewalk on Coleman Road due to work they are doing on their property. This causes pedestrians to have to walk in the street.
  • East Aly Roswell 30075, United States - Roswell
    Weeds over 14” in the back of florist shop @967 Canton in the rear alley
  • 9425 Coleman Rd Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    House has been reported numerous times for a tree on the roof, caving in part of house. Derelict property. 3 months ago a notice of some sort was posted but nothing has been done. Covered in weeds and tree debris. Needs to be demolished.
  • 385 E Crossville Rd Roswell, GA, 30075, USA - Roswell
    I already submitted this lot which is next to 13330 Bishops Ct. but it appears that the only lots that were cut are on the other side of the barrier gate at the end of Bishops Ct.. The lot of concern is actually in Litchfield Hundred not the new development. It is owned by Lennar development and I have called them several times.