Roswell, Georgia IYO

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  • Eves Cir & Eves Rd Roswell, GA, 30076, USA - Roswell
    The lights on street and pedestrian paths that lead to the East Roswell Recreation Center from Eves Rd are out at night.
  • 270 Azalea Drive Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    The raised cracks in the Riverwalk Trail are a hazard. I saw a young runner trip over one where the red paint has faded. She dislocated her shoulder in the fall. My husband called 911 and we waited with her until the ambulance arrived. Will something be done with these cracks soon?
  • 830 Hembree Road Roswell, GA - Roswell
    My neighborhood is called the Gables (off Upper Hembree Road), and our road dead ends into Hembree park (there is a fence with a gate that opens near the playground).
    There is a tree that has fallen and is caught leaning in another tree directly over the gate from our neighborhood into the park, and I'm very worried it could fall on someone coming or going. There is a similar tree right across the path as well. Can you please send someone to take the tree away?
  • 205 Azalea Dr Roswell 30075, United States - Roswell
    Exterior lights at bathrooms across the street from the Atlanta rowing club are not working (545am).
  • 909–913 Riverside Rd Roswell 30075, United States - Roswell
    Tree limb is blocking the bike shoulder.
  • 250 Oak Street Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    The trail on Hog Waller Creek near second pedestrian bridge has been washed out for several months and has become very difficult to walk on. There are rocks and tree roots making footing difficult to walk along the creek before the second bridge and after the bridge.
  • Sweet Apple Park Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Water fountain does not turn off
  • SidewalkLa qiray
    201-203 Azalea Dr Roswell, GA, 30075, USA - Roswell
    Parts of Riverwalk boards are warping causing uneven walkway
  • 1200-1340 Woodstock Rd Roswell, GA, 30075, USA - Roswell
    The parking lines have worn to where you can not see them at all and it is causing problems with cars parking too close to other cars.
  • 925 Riverside Rd Roswell 30076, United States - Roswell
    Both handicap parking spots under the GA400 bridge at Don White Park have faded paint lines and faded symbol paint, making it difficult for some to see where it’s OK to park. Plus there is debris and trash covering the areas. One spot does not have a sign on a post making it even less obvious that it’s restricted parking. One car was illegally parked and I did find the driver and told him he was parked in a handicap spot. He said he didn’t see the paint, but he did move his car.
  • 385 E Crossville Rd Roswell 30075, United States - Roswell
    Lights outside bathroom not on (picture taken at 530am)
  • 10475 Woodstock Rd Roswell 30075, United States - Roswell
    Low dying branches on pine at large playground need to be taken down before they fall.