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  • 72 Middle St Leominster, Massachusetts, 01453 - Leominster
    We need a speed trap (s) behind the Hannaford on Middle St. OR speed bumps, from the corner of Walker to the Super Wings. The speeding is OUT OF CONTROL and is dangerous. NEVER have I seen an officer stationed to deter or stop speeding (I've been at this address 10 years!). Enough. Please send patrols especially in the summer months.
  • 59 Grove Avenue Leominster, MA, 01453, USA - Leominster
    The individual who lives here got stopped by the police for driving his dirt bike without a license or not being registered is still driving his bike on the roads. Recently there were 5 or 6 bikes coming from this property and driving up and down Grove Ave.
    Is Leominster having the same problem as Boston? It needs to be stopped now! Officer Luke?????
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    231 Birchcroft Rd Leominster MA 01453, United States - Leominster
    A city pipe without a cover on it with sharp edges along the rim. Hazard to autos as well as humans and pets. There are sharp pieces sticking up.
  • 390 Mechanic Street Leominster, MA, 01453, USA - Leominster
    The digital sign in the lot adjacent to IC Credit Union on Mechanic Street is a horrible and garish thing to see when entering the city. It is completely uncalled for to be temporarily blinded after getting off 190. I sincerely feel for the folks who try to live/sleep/exist near it when it has the luminosity capable of providing life to an entire small solar system. Word is the mayor owns that lot- if that’s true, do better Dean.
  • 59 Grove Avenue Leominster, MA, 01453, USA - Leominster
    Kid who lives here rides his motor bike up and down sidewalk.
    Also minivan registered in Minnesota has been there for more than 8 months, with totally blacked out windows.
  • 65 Lincoln Drive Leominster, MA, 01453, USA - Leominster
    Town ordinance. 2 roosters being kept at 65 lincoln dr. In coop let out late afternoon till dark. On the loose. Not contained or fenced.
  • 16 Nass Farm Road Leominster, MA, 01453, USA - Leominster
    Son has been dealing for over a year now has had people in an out of that place and is known “stash and dashing “. Children are at risk of finding drugs on the street !
  • 15 Watertower Place Leominster, MA, 01453, USA - Leominster
    My girlfriend and I were sitting outside the old paperstore at the plaza, when we noticed a parked vehicle in the middle of the street. The driver looked like she would be turning into the parking spot lanes, but just sat diagonally infront of T.J.Maxx. they sat there for 5 minutes, blocking the flow of traffic, even when honked at. until we walked up, I took pictures and the people inside didn't take kindly to it and flipped me off. I took more pictures and then a picture of the license plate (The picture attached). After we walked away we saw that the two women inside drove and parked in front of other parked cars and blocking a handicapped spot. For more images, please contact me at(timothyhealy61@gmail.com).
  • Middle St Leominster, Massachusetts, 01453 - Leominster
    Still no cops on Middle St and now that it's paved, the cars are driving faster.
  • 59 Grove Avenue Leominster, MA, 01453, USA - Leominster
    An unregistered car and dirt bike continues to be driven up and down Grove Ave. from this location, dirt bike doing wheels without a helmet, sometimes with a person on the back. Car has loud muffler that continues to be gunned at night and in the afternoon.
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    458 West Street Leominster, Massachusetts, 01453 - Leominster
    There are two very dead limbs hanging over the travel lane in front of 458 West St. Each is about 5" in diameter and about 10' long. There are holes in the limbs at the main tree trunk.
    there is a possibility of significant damage/injury if they fall onto the roadway.
  • 2 Morton Street Leominster, Massachusetts, 01453 - Leominster
    Everytime a car drives by along the cemetery side, the sewer cover is not secured and makes noise. This happened before after the road was paved. It was fixed thereafter but is happening again. Can it please be repaired. Thank you