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  • TreesOpen
    609 Willard Street Leominster, MA, 01453, USA - Leominster
  • TreesOpen
    161 Harvard Street Leominster, MA, 01453, USA - Leominster
    This tree has branches that fall off daily. It is on city property. Im afraid it's going to end up in the street or on a car parked in my driveway.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    97 Eastern Ave Leominster 01453, United States - Leominster
    This is dangerous and could puncture tires.
  • 63 Flaggler Rd Leominster, MA, 01453, USA - Leominster

    Hi, I just wanted to report an issue I had, that I actually found out was happening to other people I know as well.

    In January I started receiving phone calls from the number 1 413 289 4058, they left numbers voicemails saying their name was Ericka (never gave a last name) and the were my care coordinator, assigned to me by my health plan. I didn't reply to their messages at first, since I figured there was nothing they could do for me, I couldn't do myself with the website. But they called a few weeks ago and left a message telling me to call them back because there might be an issue with my health plan. So I called them back, they had me verify my address, which I did without thinking because they said they were with my health are plan, Community Care Cooperative, and they actually told me I should call MassHealth to make sure I wasn't going to lose my plan, and also said they wanted to meet with me in person to find how they could best assist me, as well as asked questions like if I was home often, etc. When I called MassHealth to check on my insurance, I was told everything looked fine, but they've never heard of care coordinators and to call Community Care Cooperative, which I did right after. I didn't get any information that day, but they looked into my case and called me back a week later to let me know they did actually have a care coordinator working for them by the name Ericka, but she said she didn't start making calls yet, and she wasn't assigned to me. They let me know it was a service you had to sign up for, and mostly for the elderly who couldn't use the website. Obviously this news shocked me, since some random person has the address I live at, but what concerns me more is the fact there's someone out there, calling more people than just me, and one of these people, if not numerous might actually meet with this person, not knowing they're not who they claim to be, and I can't help but fear the motive could be something like trafficking. I shared my story on Facebook warning others, and numerous other woman told me they got the similar calls from the same number, so I'm not sure if they're only targeting women or fully what's going on. I texted the number the day I got the call back from my health care plan, and told them my insurance informed me that I do not have a care coordinator and not to contact me again, then realized later I shouldn't have said anything, and tried to get an address, so I texted again asking if they could verify they were who they said they were, and told them I'm still interested in meeting up, but they never replied so I couldn't get an address. But I am concerned for the well being of others, and whatever risks this could actually put them at.

  • 16 Franklin St Leominster, MA, 01453, USA - Leominster
    Cars speeding all the time. Vehicles with excessive noise, illegal exhaust etc.
  • Sink hole Acknowledged
    76 Prospect Street Leominster, MA, 01453, USA - Leominster
    Sink hole, edge of side walk (looking at house, left side).
  • 2-98 Wilson St Leominster, MA, 01453, USA - Leominster
    The street has a lot of young children riding bikes/scooters/rollerblades, running and playing ball on the dead end road. The road is very uneven and not safe for the children. Many have fallen and scraped knees and elbows due to the condition of the suface. I would like to request a quick paving job over Wilson St.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    231 Birchcroft Rd Leominster MA 01453, United States - Leominster
    A city pipe without a cover on it with sharp edges along the rim. Hazard to autos as well as humans and pets. There are sharp pieces sticking up.
  • OtherOpen
    230 Granite St Leominster, MA 01453, USA - Leominster
    Rainwater from Old Farm Rd goes across the street and down my driveway flooding my property every time it rains heavily.
  • 59 Grove Avenue Leominster, MA, 01453, USA - Leominster
    The individual who lives here got stopped by the police for driving his dirt bike without a license or not being registered is still driving his bike on the roads. Recently there were 5 or 6 bikes coming from this property and driving up and down Grove Ave.
    Is Leominster having the same problem as Boston? It needs to be stopped now! Officer Luke?????
  • 14 Pond Street Leominster, MA, 01453, USA - Leominster
    There is a rail missing on the bridge to Rockwell Pond. It would a shame if a small child fell thru it while fishing
  • 28 Webber Street Leominster, MA, 01453, USA - Leominster
    With the winter parking ban approaching, I’m worried about parking on our street. Over the past couple months the house at the end of Webber st /6th has had 5-10 cars parked on both sides of Webber st near the end of the road- 6 st side. They have made it tough for people that live here, to get down the road. Starts at 7 am m-s.