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  • 121 Shurtleff St Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    At 121 shurtleff st a small trailer is park there taking space for people who needs the parking space, please have them ticket this trailer.
  • Springvale Ave Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Can someone take a look at the corner of Springvale ave and Palmer street?
    It is dangerous to take a right hand turn off palmer st onto Springvale ave ...there are cars constantly parked on that corner I've had a few close calls there.
    I use these 2 streets frequently!
    There shouldn't more than one car parked there...and it should be unless its 20 feet or more from the corner.
    It's an accident waiting to happen.
    There is no advantage point to see what's coming until you turn or its too late!
    Thank you in advance.
  • 200-298 Chester Ave Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    There is cars parking at the Chester Ave at the end dead end and making it very hard for me to move my vehicle off my parking spot of the left and I need these cars are posted no parking
  • 89 Orange St Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Although he has a right to park wherever. He has a habit of parking his CITY vehicle and holding both spots. Then parks his personal car in that spot. It’s causing issues with any car leaving the driveway of this house and the next door neighbor, because his front bumper blocks part of the driveway. This is an everyday occurrence and there has to be a fix for this. It’s a city vehicle not a personal vehicle.
  • 47 Pine St Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    this Person Idles their car for over an hour Daily, Ma pass the law about idle y ok ir car for no longer than 5 min today it's been an hour since I first drove by they do this all the time.
  • 88 Garland St Chelsea 02150, United States - Chelsea
    Hello City of Chelsea You Are Creating RESENTMENT AND RACISM when you allow certain people to park on street and not others!!!! Fighting racism starts with our leaders!!!! According to the City of Chelsea there is no parking 7am to 4pm on Garland Street 9/23-9/25. Yesterday our tax dollars paid for a police officer to provide a verbal request to the tenants who live at 87 Garland Street. There is parking for 10 cars behind this house and it’s FULL so that should tell u to take a look at an overpopulation issue. But these people get a heads up warning from someone in your office every time you have tried to check it out
  • 51 Parker St Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Recently in the past month there has been excessive double parking on this street during overnight and throughout the day. It causes jam ups to the two way traffic, especially when trucks, EMS vehicles are going by. In the past 14 years of living on this street it hasn't gotten this bad.
  • 8 Tudor St Chelsea 02150, United States - Chelsea
    Different day, different car, same address and issue. Residents at this address park their car on the sidewalk directly across from an extremely busy middle school. This one, plate 4LL770 has been parked here for the day like this obstructing the sidewalk.
  • 194–230 Broadway Chelsea 02150, United States - Chelsea

    The other day it took 20 minutes to drive from Bellingham Square to Chelsea Square. Mostly because busses could not navigate around double-parked cars. Is this being enforced?

    Albeit this is not a traffic jam, here is a pic across from Chelsea Square where cars drivers have the gumption to double-park in close proximity to the police station.

  • 1 Webster Ct Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Someone has been repeatedly parking overnight in this spot to block the ramps on Locke St.
  • 35–99 Grove St Chelsea MA 02150, United States - Chelsea
    City needs to enforce basic parking rules. Grove and Bellingham have cars parked on the no parking sides all the way on the curb. There is barely enough room for 1 car and 0 room for anyone in a wheelchair on the sidewalk. This is basic patrol work!
  • 23 Garland St Chelsea MA 02150, United States - Chelsea
    Abandoned taxi on street. The taxi has not moved in about 2 months. This taxi is taking up a spot that people who actually live on the street need.