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    500–528 Broadway Chelsea MA 02150, United States - Chelsea
  • NoiseOpen
    100 Washington Ave Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Young children outside all hours of the night up to 11:00 PM screaming and yelling climbing on tree in front of property. No adult supervision. Very noisy
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    Chelsea Ma 02150 United States - Chelsea
    Can the net to be put back up on the tennis court at Voke Park since athletic courts are now permitted for use in phase 2 of reopening? Thank you!
  • 11 Addison St Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Refrigerator is still in yard with both doors in tact 100 Watts st
  • 10 George St Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    This neighborhood has fireworks every night, tonight it's 10 george.
  • 263 Second Street Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Entire market contaminated and nothing done by the city to stop its spread. This is a crime in itself. Nobody has masks, companies not enforcing social distancing. Discussing and this will be made apparent everyday
  • 602 Washington Ave Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    I’ve really tried figuring out what the heck has been going on these last months. I’m positive the booming explosions that go off multiple times a week in the midddle of the night are NOT fireworks. I have lived here my entire life and I know my neighborhood very well. I know fireworks, loud and really loud. They’re common to this area and are expected during warm weather, but this has never ever once been an issue at all. I have had to call the station and report it twice now because it’s that abmormal and absolutely terrifying, and I want to at least have it documented in some way. I have always felt safe here, but these booms seriously send chills throughout my body and trigger such bad anxiety. I have never had problems managing my mental health issues in my entire life here, and this should not be happening. I really do hope that the residents in this area who have been aware of this happening get some answers soon about this. I shouldn’t feel like I’m in a war zone at my house when I’m not in the military, nor have I ever been. I can’t believe that no one knows what it is or that it’s been written off as “fireworks”? Or noise from the rt 1 construction site. I know both extremely well, and I think so does everyone else.
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    89 Webster Ave Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    The utility poles in this area are leaning quite a bit. Can you have them come and check it out before the lean gets even worse?
  • DrainAcknowledged
    109 Library St Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    I'm not sure if this is supposed to look like this, but it might be clogged up :-D.
    This is in the parking lot between 111/113 and 109 Library Street in Chelsea.
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    188 Broadway Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    pesticide application sign out for weeks. when is it done ? why no dates? why not organic? what are we supposed to do for weeks with pets?
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    500–528 Broadway Chelsea MA 02150, United States - Chelsea
    Fire Works - 45 minutes and still sounds like M80's going off.
    Show us you got this CPD
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    90 Essex St Chelsea MA 02150, United States - Chelsea
    Handicap access ramp wrong location, too far down, & will be blocked by parking spot.
    Easy fix swap one curb stone to make it closer to the corner like it was prior to the construction. Simple mistake but if left I corrected will take up a parking spot in a neighborhood where there’s already not enough parking.