Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority

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  • 1211 N Marion St Tampa, FL - Downtown
    My HARTPlus pick-up was scheduled for 4:30pm, but I was not picked up until 5:10pm then the operator drove cross town and I did not get home until 6:53pm. I would like and explanation for the delay!
  • 1211 N Marion St Tampa, FL - Downtown
    The Van never showed up I was out there for 2 hrs and now I'm going to late.
  • 1211 North Marion Street Tampa, FL - Downtown
    What is the point of having bus stop if the operators are going to flu by it and don't pick-up patrons. I was at the bus stop waiting for the Brandon Hartflex and this female operator was going so fast that she was not able to stop for me. She stop down the road for two seconds and pull off again. I want a supervisor to follow up with me. Asap.
  • 1211 N Marion St Tampa, FL - Downtown
    The Bus 15 that was supposed to arrive at Columbus at 8am was late. I was walking to the bus stop and the route I just passed right by me and I was late to work.
  • Tampa FL - Downtown
    I would like to place a complaint regarding today's morning trip to work. I was forced to ride along to pick up five different patrons before being taken to work, I don't mind sharing my ride, but those deviations caused me to be late for work today, and I specifically have a set time requested to be to work by. I don't blame the driver or anyone but the "higher-ups" that expect the employees to do things that are impossible. This situation is really getting frustrating for the people.
  • 1211 N Marion St Tampa, FL - Downtown
    My HARTPlus pick-up was scheduled for 4:30pm, but I was not picked up until 5:25pm and arrived home at 6:30pm. My complaint is poor scheduling by management.
  • 9110 Baymeadow Court Tampa, FL - Town 'n' Country
    I was late to work to this morning also I was pickup from work 1hr. late. This is not the first time that I get pickup late.
  • Tampa FL - Downtown
    My Son has been getting to school late. He is suppose to be at school by 8:30am. He has been arriving passed that time. He is scheduled to be picked up at 7:15am and he is ready at 6:45am. I have scheduled his trips requesting a pick up time and even by setting an appointment time. Neither schedules are working. I need someone to look into this and see how we can fix the problem.
  • Tampa FL - Downtown
    I would like to report that our van was late picking us up yesterday and also Saturday, both times over 15 minutes late.
  • 1003 Papaya Drive Tampa, FL - Palm River-Clair Mel
    The van picked me up 23 minutes past the end of my window. This made me late for work.
  • 9205 Gibsonton Drive Gibsonton, FL - Gibsonton
    The route 31 arriving to the Gibsonton Walmart is 20 minutes late and I'm going to miss my connection to route 60LX to Marion Transit Center. This happens everyday, I'm having to pay $40.00 to get to work or if not I'll be late. When I call customer service, I'm told it is traffic yet nothing is ever being done.
  • 2009 East Waters Avenue Tampa, FL - Sulphur Springs
    The van was 22 minutes late picking up my son today. This causes me to be ate for work. I have already changed his subscription time and if I make it earlier he will be at the school to early and by himself.