Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority

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  • N Westshore Blvd Tampa, FL, 33609, USA - West Shore Palms
    This bus stop needs a shelter for us to protect our self form the weather please.
  • N 40th St Tampa, FL, 33610, USA - Northview Hills
    This bus stop need a garbage can as soon as possible. People are throwing the garbage all over the place.
  • S Dale Mabry Hwy & W Wisconsin Ave Tampa, FL, 33611, USA - Gandy-Sun Bay South
    The trash bin is overflowing. It seems like it needs to be change to a bigger bin.
  • 13000 Bruce B Downs Blvd Tampa, FL, 33612, USA - University
    The driver is very nice and polite to all the riders also a grade driver.
  • Tampa FL, USA - Downtown
    U all have already dropped bus routes that were necessary sligh ave and the nu.bwr 7 which marion center west Tampa terminal to gunn hwy walmart are examples...only 3 buses use Yukon. So we are standing in hit sun Crossing busch n Florida aves. Very dangerous when simplicity would be to at least let's riders use Yukon. Transfer station..the 45 n 42 are really one route takes so long on that route to get to necessary destination. Bus benches with covers have been totally taken away or there are no longer seats. Lots of the elderly and disabled really needed the bus bench with cover at Yukon n Florida ave. Those were donated Transit authority Hart did not purchase from their budget. West Tampa terminal now gone so a worker's that provide services for sporting events now must walk a great distance after a long hot day. Also everyone is waiting on corners rather than a central location to transfer when necessary. Co
    Min people need n depend on Hart's service. Think of the people user's of this transportation city government service and their needs that should be provided rather than continuing to take away a much needed good management transportation services. One night buses stopped running didn't complete scheduled routes at University transfer. Buses rolled in but didn't complete routes left at least 40 people stranded. Supervisors should have stepped up completed runs rather than driving away leaving everyone there at the transfer center I couldn't believe it happened. Not enough drivers was the excuse as simple folks watched buses roll out n to the garage ..these are examples of what good management shouldn't let happen but looks like more routes are in the future also to be cut. Just my observations of recent poor Management possibly
  • Tampa FL, USA - Downtown

    Route 39 needs to go to sickles then NWTC. There are High School basketball games at the other two schools the 39 passes so if it went to sickles my old school i could go to those games too and not have to walk from there to the NWTC

    "Rt 5 has too many tight turns Tampa is big and hart needs to do something because that fat bus cant fit drivers don't complain because they cant so I will do it for them"

    Rt 8 westbound only " i thought it was stupid but then i liked the idea rt 8 westbound should go to the mall net park then mtc and on the reverse trip mtc net park then the mall "

  • 1211 N Marion St Tampa, FL, 33602, USA - Downtown
    The bathrooms at Marion transit station have been closed since yesterday when will they be open
  • S 78th St & 79th St S Tampa, FL, 33619, USA - Progress Village
    I would like a shelter to be put at the route 8 stop heading downtown at 78th St and 79th St
  • Tampa FL, USA - Downtown

    Marion is filthy
    I would like to speak with someone in person about hart employees
    Marion needs to have better security
    Keep homeless people away from Marion- it makes hart look bad

    Hart needs to re train or implement new rules of conduct for employees and patrons

  • Tampa FL, USA - Downtown
    Can HART bring back a route on route 41 on Sligh Ave.? Can HART bring back 200 LX to Clearwater? I would like Route 30 to run every 15 min.
  • Tampa FL, USA - Downtown

    I hate for them to remove some of these routes.

    The 60LX AND 360LX was a nice complement as when it departed the Brandon Mall and MTC which is a 12 min ride.

    I think that route and some of the other routes can be re-utilized in some form or another. I do not know what the deal was on why the 360 and 60 stop serving the Mall as that would be a nice park n ride location, with Mall approval.

    Questions and ideas like this should be brought before the board. I know they could add more stops on some of the routes.

    Earlier times, later times, most of the routes should have.

    I know a lot of it has to do with budget money but when the money does come, HART Board and management has to utilize such monies even grants.

    Trips to the Airport should be outfitted with certain buses and I think route 35 is a nice complement to the Airport direct from Northwestern TC.

    Routes 1, 6, 12, 39, 34, 37, 31, 30, 32, and MetroRapid should have earlier times and later times. Routes 38 shouod be included especially extending this to Brandon Mall; maybe around Brandon High school area or Brandon Hospital.

    We have to utilize more Flex routes and buses 7 days a week especially having an A B and C Flex.

    Extend routes 37 to Causeway from Faulkenburg Rd heading toward the Mall and utilize Flex Buses around Grand Regency area.

    I think those are some examples. Buses that go around the Seminole Casino should be more frequent. Routes like the 48 is a nice complement but look into maybe an hour earlier and hour later on that route.

    We can't forget about the Plant City area and around that regional library and around Main St and Downtown Plant City areas.

    I know it's a huge operation, but we have to remember were not Chicago or Dallas Tx or Orlando FL. Hillsborough County Tampa is very unique in many ways. A diverse population, mixing City life, and business. We have different cultures and people serving in different career paths. Some or many are self employed. We have people that ride our buses that want to see the sites, go shopping, visit loved ones, attend events, and visit some of the local attractions and breweries; Ybor City and Channelside and Hyde Park areas. We have two major Universities and smaller colleges and HCC is the 4th largest Community College, I do believe if not the State, the Nation.

    As with all things customer service is a huge part of this operation, and having sustainable operations even during disasters or local events. Security operations to keep us safe, and keep the buses running, and having rules where people don't smoke near the buses or inside the bus pull in zones can be eliminated. Smoke gasoline NO2 and fire do not go together. Things like that to keep us safe and free of hazards. I know where fighting this god forsaken Covid and being riddled with lies and paid off actors who takes bribes such as movie and athletes and doctors agenda based purposes but our little bus company has HUGE opportunity!!! We can shine and really keep people moving.

  • Tampa FL, USA - Downtown
    I would like to suggest that the routes service every 15 minutes because it is getting cold outside and the wait times for the buses should be less.