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  • 4667 Imperial Dive Toledo, Ohio - Franklin Park
    This has been reported in the past and more trash is being dumped
    Our community of home owners will not stand for this type of behavior to make our neighbor look trashy.
  • 2724 Elsie Ave Toledo 43613, United States - Deveaux
    There has been a large pile of junk, mattresses, & other furniture at the curb for several weeks with more getting added to it daily.
  • 4666-4680 Imperial Dr Toledo, OH 43623, USA - Franklin Park
  • 251 White St. Toledo Ohio - East Toledo
    The homeowner put a bulk trash pile out on the curb 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't been picked up. People have been rummaging through the trash which is now spreading onto the sidewalk. Debris includes prescription pill bottles as seen in picture. Unsafe for children walking to and from school.
  • 3952 Jackman Rd Toledo, OH 43612, USA - Five Points
    this property was purchased months ago, the new owners started construction and now have disappeared. Grass is tall, litter in the parking lot, property is not being maintained.
  • 363 Langdon Street Toledo, Ohio - South Side
    No gutter's on left side of makeshift fence on left side of house done with no permit.unsafe! Tarpaper covering old shutters that have chipping led paint.horrible garage and shed foundation falling apart.
  • 803 Western Ave. Toledo, Ohio - South Side
    This 4,000 sq. ft brick building was hit by a run away automobile a few years ago. The landlord abandoned it after a fire. 2'x12- foot lengths oflumber are falling from the 2-story walls , brick walls are leaning forward and falling more continuously. This building is a serious if not fatal accident waiting to happen, because it is on the corner of a highly trafficed areas with neighbors walking to the store and bus stop across the street. This building has been reported for a few years and keeps falling thru the cracks! Hanging siding from 2 stories high could easily injure the family with 3 children in the house only 8 feet away. PLEASE, at least take the falling lumber and siding off, and then put a tall wooded fence around the property line to help prevent an innocent citizen from being critically injured from falling debris. Thank you, Dawn Hall
  • 527–599 Langdon St Toledo 43609, United States - South Side
    415 Langdon Street has broken down vehicles on property looks like a junk yard with the yard trashed with the sidewalks often blocked... hiddious
  • 1846 Loxley Rd Toledo 43613, United States - Deveaux
    You cannot even walk down the sidewalk anymore cus of this grass! There are rodents and garbage being thrown in the yard! I live next door to this mess! Do something!
  • 4857 Lewis Toledo, Ohio - Five Points
    This property faces Olson St, while the address is listed for Lewis Ave. There is no entrance to the house on Lewis Ave. The Manager, (sister of owner), states she is maintaining a "wildlife habitat". I question why rats, ground hogs, & possums need this area when they already reside in Shanty Creek behind the house. Apartment Residents leave large amounts of dog feces not only in the high grass, but in the vacant city lots behind the house, which is mowed each week by neighbors. Brick circle used for burning garbage/furniture is unsafe & very odoriferous. Rain soaked chairs/broken bikes behind house under unsafely supported carport, wires running along outside of front of house from porch up to 2nd floor window, multiple items of rusting & broken household items, pails, etc thrown into high grass, stuffed animals hanging from trees which squirrels/rats use for nesting areas below. The brick column standing on the house's corner lot is crumbling & filled with rubber gloves, cigarettes, & pop/beer cans thrown inside by walkers going by. I was only able to load one picture, yet have 6 more, showing unsafe fire ring, large sections of rotting downed tree, multiple items of refuse on other side of the tree; let me know if you would like to see them. Thank you for your time and concern.
  • 3844 Branch Dr Toledo, Ohio - Franklin Park
    I have lived next door for 3 years and the yard keeps getting worse - the back yard is over grown with weeds, trees and shrubs poison ivy growing through her fence and onto mine. Now there are rats that are coming up on my deck and running along the fence line - this NEEDS to be . She has garbage laying on her patio and her garage is filled with trash. we have fed the birds and squirrels since we moved and never ahs an issue with rats and since her delinquency of taking care of her property we now have rats. This is a major HEALTH issue and needs to be resolved quickly before someone becomes very ill. Standing by our fence you can smell the stench coming from her yard which in return is contaminating he neighborhood.