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  • Five Points Toledo, OH, USA - Five Points
    this cemetary has been seriously neglected. and don't say we don't have money to fix it because if road commission has money for all these highway projects and roundabouts how about poolin a little towards Woodlawn. bridge is completely disintegrating along with crematorium building,standing water everywhere because storm drains are overgrown,and headstones are neglected
  • 3243 Sherbrooke Rd Toledo, OH 43606, USA - Ottawa
    Dear Toledo engage I send you the images chimney from 31 0 4 Algonquin Parkway help places not save it back yard is junk and nasty Lee and nasty backyard and her chimney it's not safe
  • 3429 Airport Hwy Toledo, OH 43609, USA - South Side
  • 521 Hampton Ave Toledo, Ohio - South Side
    @#$%-you and may you be buried there and have your grave desecrated. I also will be exploring how to have the city forcibly compensate me for my 2 remaining plots, at FMV along with negative PR and monetary damages for negligence and failing to maintain it's own property!
  • Asbury Park Toledo, Ohio - Five Points
    Asbury park needs more lighting around it at night....Neighbors say its too dark at night....Possible drug dealing going on around there at night......More lighting around there at night would probably make the dealers look for a diffrent location .....
  • 4700-4798 Copland Blvd Toledo, OH, 43614, USA - Beverly
    Weed are overgrown in the ditch that runs behind Copland Park
  • 2131 Castlewood - Deveaux
    The circular, raised flower bed at the corner of Grantwood and Bellevue is overgrown and has poison ivy! Can this be cleaned up and landscaped?
  • 4300 Walker Ave Toledo, OH 43612, USA - Five Points
    overgrown trees and weeds inside tennis court.
  • 400-532 Reineck Drive Toledo, Ohio - Birmingham
  • 3000-3098 Glanzman Rd Toledo, OH, 43614, USA - Glendale-Heather Downs
    Large black plastic bags piled up behind some trees and bushes on north side of Glanzman Road
  • Walbridge Park Toledo, Ohio - Beverly
    The wall is filled with graffiti. Making me sorry to have paid for a rental on June 4 because it looks quite trashy. The broken down bulletin board also looks lousy. Gives the impression that no one is paying attention and people should feel free to abuse the park. I'd appreciate knowing if these things can be addressed before June 4.
  • 346 W Manhattan Blvd Toledo, OH, 43608, USA - La Grange
    The entire Seabees War memorial Island on Manhattan between Cherry and Phillips is in awful shape, tons of branches, leafs, debris and litter. This is an awful way to Honor our Vets.