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Open Issues: 2 Closed Issues: 93 Acknowledged Issues: 1,429
  • 2309 Dana St Toledo, OH 43609, USA - South Side
  • 918 Dryden Dr Toledo, Ohio - Five Points
    They blocked the street in front of 918 Dryden as I was trying to drive past several weeks ago. When I honked, one of them tried to break the rear passenger window of my car. Scary guys.
  • 4301-4339 Asbury Drive Toledo, Ohio - Five Points
    Why remove the park benches in the park because they were vandalized? Get a welder over there and weld some channel steel seats on them, the wood seats and backs were destroyed by these gangs, lets see them rip off some welded steel off----why penalize the citizens because of vandalism? This city's solutions to problems needs addressed! Who made this one? The Story was on wtol 11 news at 11. If you don't have a welder on staff I'll step up.......Get this problem addressed!
  • 216 New Towne Square Dr Toledo, OH 43612, USA - North Towne
  • 3250 W Alexis Rd Toledo, OH 43613, USA - Whitmer-Trilby
  • 1347 Blake Pl Toledo, OH 43614, USA - Beverly
  • 1380 Hillcrest Toledo, Ohio - Five Points
    Two of the female teenagers in this home have been fist fighting regularly with other girls in the neighborhood at the park and in front of the home. There are also two very young children (6-8) that are often out riding their bikes after 11pm, alone. Constantly large groups of teenagers being disorderly and disrespectful going in and out of the house all day long.
  • 738 Annabelle Dr Toledo, OH - Five Points

    Person 1 (female) was outside, Person 2 (male) punched Person 1; Person 3 (male) came outside and shot gun at Person 2.

    Person 2 and Person 3 attempted firing at each other, with limited success (but shots were successfully fired); hole from stray bullet seen further down street.

    Vehicle with persons returning for retaliation came by, with person in back seat having large gun; vehicle circled up and down street for a while.

    911 was called but no officers ever arrived

  • 650 E Pearl St Toledo, OH 43608, USA - La Grange
    constant shooting of guns. and activity at 707 e hudson and the building at oakland and stickney. fornerly wheelers clubhouse
  • 435 Nebraska Ave Toledo, Ohio - Onyx
    I work at the housing authority, and the kids come and eat in the morning time. While they were here this morning, they shared with me that there was a shooting by someone that goes by the name K3. This incident happened on the corner of Dennis Ct and Hyatt Ln
  • 1402 South Avenue Toledo, Ohio - South Side
    Increasing graffiti on the side of the building where Bogarts used to be.
  • 4751 Violet Rd Toledo, OH 43623, USA - Franklin Park