Streets, Alleys, Sidewalks, and Traffic PLUS

Streets, Alleys, Sidewalks, and Traffic

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  • 4323 Walker Ave Toledo, OH 43612, USA - Five Points
    The Sewer line between the 4300 and 4500 block of Walker and Bellevista is overgrown and the vines/brush/trees are on growing up and spreading across the power lines. There is a rat problem in this area.
  • 965 Woodland Ave Toledo 43607, United States - Onyx
    A man was seen dumping bags of trash out of a trash can in the alley. Also a pick up truck came and dumped a mattress and a couch a week later
  • 14 16, 18 PRESCOTT ST, TOLEDO, OH - Warren Sherman
    I would like to see this alley blocked, or somehow prevent the liquor store patrons from using the alley where senior citizens live and children play. The liquor store patrons throw trash and use the urinate in broad daylight. There is a steady stream of traffic thru this alley because the liquor store won't spend the money to find alternate ways for entry and exit to/from their business. I would like to see the business pave the adjacent land they own and make another entry/exit from Warren St, and another one on Bancroft. There is a traffic light that impedes American Food/State Liquor customer easy access to their small parking lot.
  • 361 Willard St TOLEDO 43605 - East Toledo
    This request was submitted to the City of Toledo directly, prior to being imported into SeeClickFix.
  • 1401 N Cove Blvd Toledo, OH, 43606, USA - Five Points
    Residents of the four unit complex moved away over two months ago. This trash has been sitting on the curbside untouched. Apparently, the departing occupants did not notify the correct personnel of the garbage left behind.
  • 57 E Hudson St Toledo, OH 43608, USA - La Grange
    illegal dumping in alley,brush,mattresses
  • 5427 Edgewater Dr toledo, ohio - Point Place
    5427 edgewater dr throwing dog fecies in the street----poored paint in street and now car s have tracked it down the road -------dog fecies in the road ---this is a school route
    pick s dog fecies off his deck very un healthy
  • 136 E Park St Toledo, OH 43608, USA - La Grange
    lots of dumping in the alley, overgrown brush and potholes.
  • 326 Glencoe St Toledo, OH 43605, USA - East Toledo
    paper alley...behind Glencoe st..
    intersecting with Huberdale off Oakdale...HUGE WEEDS over 10ft tall..debris, tree needs attention also...this is a constant concern yearly..NOBODY comes and takes care of this tired of the mosquitos and ground hogs, racoons, skunks residing in this mess..please come take care of old n disabled or i would do it myself..thankyou!!!
  • 1636 W Bancroft St Toledo 43606, United States - Ottawa
    Horribly messy and dangerous materials behind G7 Athleticz
  • 5133 Telegraph Rd Toledo, OH 43612, USA - North Towne
    crossover between Clay Ave and Woodword Ave. huge potholes, vegetation growing 6 ft high half way into the alley. garbage and tree cuttings strewn all down the alley behind the 800 block of Clay Ave.
  • 5516 Douglas Rd Toledo, OH 43613, USA - Whitmer-Trilby