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Streets, Alleys, Sidewalks, and Traffic

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  • 806 Geneva Ave Toledo, OH 43609, USA - South Side
    trash in alley
  • 5100 Lewis Ave Toledo, OH, 43612, USA - North Towne
    The abandoned alleyway between the 5100 blocks of Lewis and Homeside is overgrown. There is tall grass and weeds in the alley that needs to be taken care of. The neighbors are saying that there are rats coming from the alley. I am unable to access the alley because it is so overgrown.
  • 1505 Ridgewood Ave Toledo, OH 43608, USA - La Grange
  • 1719 West Bancroft Street Toledo, Ohio - Ottawa
    OPEN DUMPING has been occurring in an open lot off of the alley way between 2100 block of Clinton St. and 2100 block of Calumet Ave. (TOLEDO, OHIO 43607) the nearest cross street is 1700 block/odd side of W. Bancroft St. The Dumping materials consist mainly of furniture, mattresses, tires, yard waste and trash garbage litter. This OPEN DUMPING has been occurring for over 6months beginning Fall 2017 and the amount of waste is still growing daily. This OPEN DUMPING is unsightly, unhealthy and a great rodent attractant. I urge someone to please investigate this matter as soon as possible.
  • 135 Dexter Toledo, Ohio - La Grange
    Tons of junk in abandoned yard and alley, we cant even drive that wsy ti get out. I believe it was cleaned once awile back and now it is 10 tines worse.
  • 3266 Glenwood Ave Toledo 43610, United States - Old West End
    People keep dumping trash and old tire. As soon as it gets clean then someone dumps more stuff. There are 2 vacant properties on the other side of the alley so it makes it easier for people to dump stuff. Now there’s possums are running around back there and other animals
  • 420 Morrison Dr Toledo, Ohio - East Toledo
    The alley crew that cleaned today broke a pipe in the back alley of my property. They left tires in my back alley yard and garbage as well...
  • 5025 Dorr St Toledo, Ohio - Reynolds Corners

    Yard waste dumped in alleyway needs removed.

    Thank you,

  • 1800 Champlain St Toledo, Ohio - North River
  • 269 Arcadia Toledo, Ohio - La Grange
    Tires are being dumped, garbage, litter, and debris all over alleyway.
  • 237 E Hudson St Toledo, OH, 43608, USA - La Grange
    Illegal dumping
  • 2125 Woodford St Toledo, OH 43605, USA - Birmingham
    neighbor's dumped dead chickens in an abandon house behind it and still have live chickens in the yard.