Streets, Alleys, Sidewalks, and Traffic PLUS

Streets, Alleys, Sidewalks, and Traffic

Open Issues: 3 Closed Issues: 6,456 Acknowledged Issues: 1,264
  • 441-447 Boxhall Rd Toledo, OH 43612, USA - North Towne
    2 wide and over 2 feet deep pothole in my alley
  • 1635 Homestead St Toledo 43605, United States - East Toledo
    Alley needs much stone, large pot holes. Seems like it was reported last year but no results.
  • 2020 Delence St Toledo, OH 43605, USA - East Toledo
    Drainage issue in alley. Alley is not graded correctly and sinkholes are forming, causing water to collect in multiple low spots along alley way.
  • 901-999 Sylvester Ave Toledo, OH, 43605, USA - East Toledo
    Street is improperly graded, and has large depressions that collect standing water which backs up onto sidewalks. Any amount of rain or snowfall has no place to go, which is a big concern any time we receive large amounts of precipitation. During winter large sheets of ice form causing further damage to street and sidewalks and a danger to pedestrians, specifically childrens foot traffic from school on both sides of the street. Also, the street is never plowed, even though it is adjacent to Oakdale Elementary.
  • 2045 N Ravine Pkwy Toledo, OH, 43605, USA - Birmingham
    The potholes in the alley way behind my house are huge. Its the only way I can get to my garage and the holes are so big they are starting to damage my car.
  • 1626 Vinal St Toledo, OH 43605, USA - East Toledo
    someone in a white pick up decided to dump their wood in the alley, it's barely passable
  • 124 East Broadway Street Toledo, Ohio - East Toledo
    My alley needs stone...the holes are so bad it bottoms out my car.
  • 2417 Valentine Toledo, Ohio - Birmingham
  • 1706 Nevada St Toledo, OH 43605, USA - East Toledo
    There is a trailer behind a garage that is now filled with wood scrap metal scrap and other trash. As a result people are discarding trash in the alley behind other residences. It has been there for about 6 months.
  • 2230 Caledonia St Toledo 43605, United States - Birmingham
    Pot holes in alley unsafe garages abandoned and on safe apartment complex in the alley of 2200 block of Caledonia
  • 210 Dale St Toledo, OH 43609, USA - South Side
    garage everywhere
  • 816 Clay Ave Toledo 43608, United States - La Grange
    The entire alley between Clay and Woodward is traveled extensively. The picture is towards Clay, but further down toward Woodward is just as bad. This is a paved alley and hasn’t been addressed/holes filled in a couple years. I put some crushed rock to avoid cars bottoming out, these need filled with asphalt.