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  • 1114 Mcdonald St Toledo, OH, 43612, USA - Five Points
    20 years ago there were 2 trees in front of my house that were removed and never replaced. then the 2 on either side of us were removed and now its super hot with no shade in the summer in my house.
  • 3924-3928 Torrance Drive Toledo, Ohio - Five Points
    Ever since they repaired Torrance they never put back our trees.
  • 4353 Walker Ave. Toledo Oh. 43612 - Five Points
    Why was our tree removed and we weren’t even notified? Are you going to replace it?
  • 3506 Beverly Dr Toledo 43614, United States - Beverly
    The city removed a tree 11 years ago on the tree lawn in front of my house. They said they were going to plant another one in its location but have not done so. I would still like a tree planted there.
  • 737 Valleywood Dr Toledo, OH 43605, USA - East Toledo
  • 361 Plymouth St Toledo, OH 43605, USA - East Toledo
    can i please have a tree or 2 planted. thank you
  • 3540 Beverly Dr Toledo, Ohio - Beverly
  • 619 W Delaware Ave Toledo, OH 43610, USA - Old West End
    I would like four trees planted in front of my property in the grass area between the road and the sidewalk
  • 601 Stratford Pl Toledo, Ohio - Old West End
    Would like a new tree planted where they cut down other one in front tree lawn. There is still a stump there too that needs removed. The trees on Parkwood side of house need to be trimmed some of the tree is dead.
  • 1645 Yosemite Dr Toledo 43614 United States - Beverly
    Last year a large maple tree in my yard was removed and would be replaced. I was told the removal was necessary to remove sidewalk to install an accessible ramp. A replacement tree needs to be planted. I would suggest a skyline locust with a minimum 4 inch diameter trunk.
  • 754 Berdan Ave Toledo, OH 43610, USA - Old West End
  • Anthony Wayne Trl Toledo 43609, United States - South Side