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City of Beaumont

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  • 4545 Glen Oaks Circle Beaumont Texas 77708 - Beaumont
    Several large sink holes along City's storm drainage, causing driveway to collapse, serious safety issues
  • 3850 Buckingham Row, Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
    Ditches on our street don't have proper drainage, water sits in our ditch and starts to grow algae and breed bugs/mosquitoes.
  • 11020 Sherwood Dr Beaumont, TX 77713, USA - Beaumont
    Residents ditches are full of rainwater and overflowing driveways. Across the road the rail road ditches are empty. Where does this water flow away from homes and protect tax paying properties? All I see high and dry is the rail road tracks that they don't maintain or fit the grass or excavate.
  • 4435 Arthur Ln Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
    This area of the street floods compared to the rest of the street. Can you please check the drainage?
  • 165 Wren Way Beaumont, TX 77707, USA - Beaumont
    Not draining. Possible mosquito problem?
  • 4740 Gladys Ave Beaumont, TX 77706, USA - Beaumont
    Please close Gladys Ave. people are driving so fast they are pushing water closer to homes along the street. From Dowlen to I10.
  • 5525 Clinton Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
    Water ponds up forms approximately 1 acre pond and water does not drain due to a recent fence built by property owner Dr. Marchand. The water increasingly floods back yards of neighbors adjoining the fence on the back yards of Hooks Avenue to the south of Clinton Street.and has caused water intrusion into the home of Charles Wiggins, 5580 Hooks Avenue.
  • College & Pinchback Beaumont, TX 77707, USA - Beaumont
    Water is still in the streets days after the storm.
  • 7800-7890 Collier Rd Beaumont, TX 77706, USA - Beaumont
    Storm water inlet drains very slowly.
  • 380 Calhoun Ave Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont

    Ditch in front of our house has had water standing in it for a couple of weeks (prior to the recent rains). It can't be mowed or weed-eater because of the standing water, which is also breeding mosquitos.

    A week or so ago, all of the ditches on Calhoun between Shepherd & Josey had standing water. It wasn't draining off. There's usually weeds & trash in the ditches (no thanks to inconsiderate slobs who throw it out the window as they drive by).

  • Drainage IssueAcknowledged
    1470 Belvedere Dr Beaumont 77706, United States - Beaumont
    Sitting water due to driveway changes downstream
  • 3825 Bristol Drive Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
    After each rain (light or heavy), an excess of water accumulates directly in front of the drive way of 3825 Bristol Dr. causing the road to be flooded from curb to curb. There looks to be a large low spot in the road keeping the water from draining to the near by storm drain. During times of regular rain, the road will be flooded for weeks. There usually is always some standing water in front of the driveway, but not necessary across the road.