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  • 54 Foster Road Swampscott, Massachusetts, 01907 - Swampscott
    I am a neighbor of the property of 54 Foster Road.
    One photo depicts the backyard grass which hasn’t been cut in a year in a half.
    There are animals that have taken up residence in the overgrown grass and get into my yard at night.
    Last weekend my dog killed a rabbit that could have possibly come in from that property.
    The second picture depicts trash that has been left on the stoop for two and a half weeks.
    As you again can see animals have gotten into the trash and is of grave concern.
    Last week while cutting my lawn a wild Turkey was feeding off the trash and had to keep my head on a swivel for concern the turkey might attack.
    I would appreciate the matter being addressed.
    Thank you!
  • 100 Middlesex Ave Swampscott, MA 01907, USA - Swampscott
    broken glass bottle shards (lots of little pieces) near center court in the basketball court. a kid threw a glass bottle. poses a danger to all the little kids running around.
  • 59 Franklin Avenue Swampscott, Massachusetts, 01907 - Swampscott

    The resident at 59 Franklin has disposed of an old carpet by leaving it on the parkway. It has been here rotting for about two months. Can we please advise the resident to take care of this?

    Hate to see the neighborhood deteriorate.

  • 84 Essex Street Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    Trash, broken glass, and rats in walkway going up to house on 27 Spinale Rd.
  • 177 Stetson Ave Swampscott MA 01907, United States - Swampscott
    2 large, framed pictures and trash on green space between Stetson Ave and Essex st that have been there for months
  • 2 Stuart Street Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    To me it is unacceptable and unfair to have to buy the expensive blue trash bags when you are already paying these extremely high taxes. I have four teenagers and my husband and I living in the house. I cannot keep buying the blue trash bags. Please I would like an alternative solution for a family of 6. Thank you, Selene Noci.
  • 92 Cherry St Swampscott MA 01907, United States - Swampscott
    Trash in the median in front of Tony Lena's. It has been there for several weeks. If I had a bigger trash container, I'd pick it up myself. Can DPW get it?
  • Walker Rd Town of Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    Trash can at Howland Park overflowing. Bad for litter and rats. Please empty!
  • 450 Paradise Rd Swampscott, MA 01907, USA - Swampscott
    9 am Sunday morning- trash not emptied from Saturday evening atChipotle vinnin square. attracts coyotes
  • Monument Ave Town of Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    Looks like a rat hole underneath the dog waster disposal bin. Saw it the other day and did see the shredded bags. Today shredded bags which makes me think the rats are dragging the bag poop
    Into hole to eat.
  • 1 Bickford Way Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    Could we add a no dumping sign at the entrance of Jackson park? Someone frequently dumps obvious yard waste here. (Potting soil, tropical plants, weeds)
  • 2-32 Sunbeam Ln Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott