Town of Swampscott PIU

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  • 5 Mudge St Swampscott, Massachusetts, 01907 - Swampscott

    Corner of Mudge, hillside and cherry. Weeds, trash and broken glass bottles.

    Mor peopel are coming to litter section not being maintained by landlords or city.

    Please help. Multiple rats have been seen because of this.

  • Pine St & Superior St Town of Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    It appears an unintended/unforeseen consequence of Swampscott's new smaller trash barrel policy is the explosion of rodents on our street (and I assume other streets). A good 40% of residents on this street now put the overflow bags directly onto the sidewalk/street (much to the delight of the rodents).
    So, here's the very real problem (of a street full of kids and rodents that carry disease).
    What's the solution? Can the town mandate overflow bags be placed in barrels (with lids) that residents must provide? That would work, but unfortunately many have discarded the old barrels that were deemed 'too big.' Or does the town provide a second 'small' barrel and mandate overflow bags be placed in it?
    This is a health/disease issue that cannot be ignored; something needs to be decided/done before the rodent explosion in the spring. I was only able to upload one picture, however I counted six overflow bags that were placed directly onto the ground and were clearly enjoyed by rats (and that was only half of the street). Please don't ignore this in the hopes it just solves itself. The rodent infestation on this street and the danger it causes to our children is a direct result of the town's decision to implement the new smaller trash barrel policy and not plan for the second and third order effects of it.
  • 15 Barnstable Street Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    Leaf bag pick up was supposed to be today, multiple bags not picked up
  • 33 Norfolk Ave Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    Leaf pickup on one side not the other
    Norfolk Ave
  • 59 Franklin Avenue Swampscott, Massachusetts, 01907 - Swampscott

    The resident at 59 Franklin has disposed of an old carpet by leaving it on the parkway. It has been here rotting for about two months. Can we please advise the resident to take care of this?

    Hate to see the neighborhood deteriorate.

  • 01907 Swampscott, MA, USA - Swampscott
    Trash all over the ground in Jackson Park.
  • 84 Essex Street Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    Trash, broken glass, and rats in walkway going up to house on 27 Spinale Rd.
  • 2 Humphrey St Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott

    This pile has been growing and it's wet, stinks, and today I found their trash on my car! Yes, on my car.

    There's so much of it they can't keep it under control.

    My car is 20-30' down the adjacent driveway in a covered, reserved parking spot. 5 large boxes and one of these trash barrels. This pile is directly outside of my bedroom and living window as well and it's all I see when I open my blinds. It's unsightly and unsanitary.

    Bottom line is it needs to be required to be removed please. This picture shows only half of the pile.

    Please have this removed. Thank you.

  • 54-108 Eastman Ave Town of Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    There are rats running up and down Eastman Ave. between the are of 75-90 ish
  • 878-942 Humphrey St Town of Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    There is illegally dumped trash at entrance to rail trail on Humphrey Street across from Phillips Avenue. Trash included these items asking with a lot of general litter: large, old television, oversized bean bag chair, and office desk. Can this trash be removed by the Town, please?
  • 1–21 The Greenway Swampscott MA 01907, United States - Swampscott
    Someone dumped a tv on the corner of the greenway and it's been sitting for days
  • 35 Burpee Rd Swampscott MA 01907, United States - Swampscott
    This isn't quite a town trash/recycling issue but there is a tremendous amount of lunch trash from high school students at Jackson park.