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  • Barking DogsADIは、
    44 Cherry St Swampscott MA 01907, United States - Swampscott
    Young pit bull barking constantly outside on a small deck area. Early morning, mid day, late at night.
  • Barking Dogsオープン
    73 Kensington Lane Swampscott, Massachusetts, 01907 - Swampscott
    THIS IS NOT ABOUT DOGS, IT IS ABOUT RELENTLESS NOISE FROM LANDSCAPING CONTRACTORS. Are there no noise/air pollution statutes? For 8-9 months of the year, my once quiet street has been subject to a RELENTLESS onslaught of noise and air pollution from "landscapers." Today from approximately 9 a.m.-1 p.m. the noise of 3-4 leaf blowers and a leaf pick-up machine actually RATTLED my house with the relentless noise. In the summer, dust and debris is blown around and into open windows, and the noise is unrelenting. My quality of life has declined precipitously in the 28 years I've lived here. The fact that contractors are allowed to make as much noise and pollution as they like without consequence HAS TO STOP. This has become a major stressor, as I work from home. How about enforcing the laws???
  • Quarry Issuesオープン
    Danvers Rd Town of Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    Strong blast, major vibrations, car alarms going off
  • Quarry Issuesオープン
    328 Essex Street Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    Huge blast shaking homes in the area at 1:40 pm
  • Quarry Issuesオープン
    46 Cherry St Swampscott MA 01907, United States - Swampscott
    Big blast @ 11:30am, vibrations and house shook.
  • Quarry Issuesオープン
    350 Essex St Swampscott MA 01907, United States - Swampscott
    It rained yesterday and I went out to my car at 11AM to find my car covered in cement dust This cannot be healthy to breathe in
  • Quarry Issuesオープン
    395 Essex Street Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    the blast on 3/8/2021 was deep and loud. I want it recorded that i noticed 3 bricks out of my retaining wall yesterday after the blast.
  • Quarry Issuesオープン
    Franklin Ave Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    We have issues with these blasts daily, but only just discovered we could report here. Today's blast was extra strong, strong enough to knock pictures off my wall. I can only imagine the long-term effect of this on people's homes, especially those who live even closer.
  • Quarry Issuesオープン
    381 Essex St Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    Very loud blast today around 2pm
  • Quarry Issuesオープン
    76 Burpee Road Swampscott, Massachusetts, 01907 - Swampscott
    Blast at 1.30 PM on Wed 5/4/2022.
    The blast was massive today, with the house shaking a lot. Weather was overcast with rain, which is a day they are not supposed to blast!
  • Quarry Issuesオープン
    01907 Swampscott, MA, USA - Swampscott
    BAD blast.
  • Quarry Issuesオープン
    143 Stetson Avenue Swampscott, MA, 01907, USA - Swampscott
    There were several very strong and loud blasts today, at least two that occurred in the last 10 minutes. House shakes! Ears ache!