City of Leduc PLUS

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  • Caledonia Drive And Dunlop Wynd Leduc, AB - Leduc
    If there is a road that leads to Hwy 2a from the tribute area it will cut down on the amount of traffic trying to get out of 42st onto Rollyview. It will also cut down on the amount of traffic traveling through tribute trying to go south on Hwy 2a
  • 65 Ave Leduc, AB - Leduc
    An overpass is needed to cut down on congestion on 50st and 50ave. This will help out with traffic trying to get to the west part of the city or south on Hwy 2.
  • 5230 50th Ave Leduc, AB - Leduc
    Number of vehicles sitting at this intersection coming into Leduc during rush hrs unreasonable...due mostly to those who don't know how to merge
  • 101 127 Heritage Villas Leduc, AB - Leduc
    Do we need to see a serious accident or other disaster before another route for Windrose traffic to go east, is developed? If Hwy 39 and Black Gold have a problem, ambulance or fire can't get through. Need a road south of golf course to join up with QEII and east.
  • 4701 50th Ave Leduc, AB - Leduc
    It is the most time consuming and frustrating intersection. I would like to see a flow thru lane for those traveling north on 46 st. Put up a barrier and let the traffic go through. And if the traffic turning right from 46st to 50 ave wouldn't have to wait so long for a light, I think that would help.
  • 4915 50th Ave Leduc, AB - Leduc
    People are making left turns into CIBC, 4 Paws, Petro Can,. etc. after the 50 St. and 50 Ave. corner. This blocks traffic through the intersection and causes traffic back ups and unsafe conditions.
  • Black Gold Dr Leduc, AB - Leduc
    This intersection is extremely conjested especially in the morning and after school. Often the line of cars stretches all the way back to Alton Drive in the mornings. We usually have to go all the way to Highway 39 to 50 St. down to the High School and Jr. High. We live on William Bell Drive and can't use Blackgold in the mornings. After school 50 St. North is a danger for cars and the kids leaving the two nearby schools.
  • 47 Ave Leduc, AB - Leduc
    Nearly constant - large volume of traffic passing along 47 ave to attend one of the following areas: boat club, soccer fields, community gardens, rugby fields, baseball diamonds, dog park, football field, drama society, stone barn garden, just for fun theatre, and the black gold centre. 11 recreational areas that could all be accessed from Black gold Drive and the PSB Haul Road and 48 avenue. The residents all along 47 avenue are surely frustrated by the sheer number of vehicles going down their street on any weeknight. The solution is to alleviate the huge volume of traffic that has began to be extremely disturbing in the south telford neighbourhood in the past 3-4 years by blocking the end of 47 ave and 44 street to all thru traffic. This would definitely bring a sense of peace back to the neighbourhood that has been missing for the past few years.
  • 41b Street And Black Gold Drive Leduc, AB - Leduc
    With the expansion of Black Gold Drive, the amount of traffic through this area has increased, especially during ball tournaments and events at the LRC. A set of lights would help with traffic turning onto Black gold from the LRC parking lot or from the residential area of 41b Street.
  • Grant Macewan Blvd Leduc, AB - Leduc
    there is a stop sign at the train tracks. should we not have actual crossing lights? if not arms then at least lights.
  • 6504 Sparrow Drive Leduc, AB - Leduc
    The current transit system ignores the possibility of people from Leduc using public transportation to travel along 50th St and along Sparrow Drive. Don't put the bus on Hwy 2 going North, let it be used by people who work in Leduc and Nisku to get to work.
  • Keystone Cres Leduc, AB - Leduc
    Recently new to Leduc. We need transit within town. Leduc is spread out making access to leducs amenities difficult for our youth and seniors to travel.