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  • 510 Willow Ave Fort Washington, Pennsylvania - Upper Dublin
    A Jeep Wrangler (KSA-0294) has been sitting on Willow Avenue for a couple weeks now at least, with no sign of it moving. The top has been down, water has filled the car, and the inspection sticker expired in April.
  • 600 Block Of Meadowbrook Avenue Ambler , Pennsylvania - Upper Dublin
    Blue Acura (tag GSX 3774) with expired inspection stickers has not moved in months. Parked opposite 615/619 Meadowbrook Avenue (by abandoned house.)
  • 500 Prospect Avenue Fort washington , Pennsylvania - Upper Dublin
    Vehicle parked facing wrong direction & within 1 foot of the apron of shared alleyway is blocking line of sight for pedestrians & vehicles to safely turn onto Prospect Avenue. Additionally, vehicles exiting alleyway can't turn right onto Prospect due to this vehicle being parked so close to the alleyway apron. I came within inches of being in an accident with a vehicle that just turned onto Prospect Ave off of Bethlehem Pike. Just happy it wasn't a child on a bicycle.
  • 168 State Rte 2028 Fort Washington, PA 19034, USA - Fort Washington
    Virginia Drive at Camphill Road vehicles turning from Virginia to Camphill illegally causing accidents vehicles on Virginia including trucks at speeds of 40 mph creating Regular enforcement needed all day. Also vehicles turning left on Camphill out of office complex at Susquehanna when lane is designed for only right turn. Traffic wishing to turn left on Susquehanna has difficulty getting to proper turn lane.
  • 1649 Whitehouse Rd Maple Glen, PA 19002, USA - Upper Dublin
    Cars speed down Whitehouse road constantly. There desperately needs to be speed bumps or a stop sign put in. Over 10 kids live on the street. This is accident waiting to happen. A tragic accident. Please put in speed bumps.
  • Dillon Road Ambler, PA 19002, Pennsylvania - Upper Dublin
    A loud, sport-style motorcycle has been drag racing on Dillon Road between 11pm - 1am. The bike makes multiple runs up and down the street during these hours creating a noise nuisance and a safety hazard for regular traffic.