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  • 3237 West Bruce Drive Dresher, Pennsylvania - Abington Townhip
    Mondauk Commons is a park to be enjoyed by all except many can't or don't want to read the signs. There is little to no police patrolling here and I walk here most days at different times. Offenders are typically bikers and those with pets who likely don't know where the rules sign is or choose to ignore it. I stopped 2 young bikers tonight and you'd think I was the offender. Walkers don't speak up so I am speaking up for them. If we let dogs run free and bikes careening into walkers for whom the park was created, we'd have incidents for sure. Please advise a course of action and I for one am tired of.looking like the bad guy when it is not I breaking the rules. Thank u.
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    Intersection Camp Hill Road And Virginia Drive Fort Washington, Pennsylvania - Fort Washington
    The intersection of Camp Hill Road and Virginia Drive. There is a stop sign on Camp Hill Road with a No Turn Only sign. The traffic was backed up past the single lane bridge at 8:07am this morning and took me 7 minutes to arrive at the intersection. This is not the first morning where there was a severe backup.
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    1517 Fort Washington Avenue Maple Glen, Pennsylvania - Maple Glen
    Along Fort Washington Avenue, in front of 1517, there's a *very* low wire hanging between utility poles. I've witnessed high school students on their bikes try to reach up and grab it while driving past. Looks like a Verizon or Comcast line, not electrical. I'm going to estimate it's ~8' off the ground.