Quincy, MA PLUS

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  • 230 Quincy Ave Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    Good Fortune Market has not returned its white fence to pre-construction condition behind the new loading dock. Fence is now in complete disrepair and falling apart.
  • 511r Hancock Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Is it Ground Hog Day? It seems as though every winter I need to bring this problem to someone's attention. This pedestrian path leading to the Hannaford shopping plaza is a complete hazard to the seniors and disabled who live in the area and who walk to the Hannaford for their groceries. As you can see from this night time (7 pm) photo, the lighting is not very good either. There is a large body of ice water in front of the entrance way that will soon be a block of ice that will become even more hazardous. At least someone has broken some of the fencing so you can duck into the shopping plaza and avoid the icy water. There must be a permanent solution to this problem. Who owns this parcel now that Body and Craft sold out to Rockland Trust?
  • 299 Beale St Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    The entire block from 299 to the corner of Beal and Newport are a huge eyesore. No work done since fire, Is Kimarie even open? It's been left way too long, overwhelming smell of fish in certain days.
  • 71 Lincoln Avenue Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Hello- 71 Lincoln Ave has a stop work order on the house and someone has been building in the backyard all day.
  • 41-75 Weston Avenue Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy

    The Weston Ave. access point to the MBTA Wollaston station parking lot is locked for a reason. When this gate was installed it was to be available only for emergency purposes and NOT for the convenience of LMH personnel. The gate actually replaced a barricade which could not be opened (it was a series of empty oil drums, chain links and metal posts installed across the sidewalks (you can still see one of the posts now corroding along the fence bordering the Wollaston Child Care Center – the posts were removed about six years ago).

    LMH personnel have cut the chain (the locked padlock is on the chain. As a result anyone can swing the gate open on to Weston Ave./Wayland St. and impede motor vehicles.

    The Weston Ave entrance borders the Wollaston Child Care Center on Weston Ave. It is not appropriate for construction vehicles or even personal motor vehicles to be entering and exiting through this access point.

    Will the MBTA be liable should someone be struck by this gate? After all, the MBTA is so concerned about customer safety which is their excuse to close Wollaston Station for two years.

    Please close and lock this gate and instruct LMH personnel that this gate is only for emergency purposes. Period.

  • tenantsReconnu
    14 Putnam Street - Quincy
    to many legal people living in one apartment
  • 86 Walnut Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    There will be an attempt to change the variance of our neighboring property directly behind and next door to us. We are a very small residence, and the attempt will be to build a six story 60 foot building next door with even less room than zoning at present would require. I reached out to my Ward councilman and did not hear back. How can I get their proposal to be more modest and or to conform to current zoning regulations?
    Please help us with ideas.
    The proposal is for Myrtle Street and it'll attempt to be 50 units.
    I don't mind development, but how would something so huge attempt permissoln to allowed LESS of a setback, to in effect ruin our property?
    Any ideas would be helpful.
  • 127 Newbury Ave Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Looks like the temporary fencing fell again and this time narrowly missing the parked car near it.
  • Anderson Road Quincy, MA - Quincy
    Resident states neighbor has 4 unregistered cars in driveway does not know address says just drive down street one of the vehicles has a water heater on the back of it for a year
  • 1097 Sea Street Quincy, MA - Quincy
    The bald Van Tassel is liviing in the vacant store next to Manet Lunch. I saw him last Wednesday night at 9:30 pm riding a 3 wheeler ATV on the sidewalk, then turn onto Sea Street and pop wheelies. He then pulled it into the vacant store. The front dropdown gates were up. He and his girlfriend KATIE live in their, sleeping on the floor. They have a ton of candles burning because they don't usually have electricity. Candles within feet of the gas-filled ATV 3-wheeler.
  • 1001 Hancock St Quincy, MA 02169, Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Construction noise at this site has been constant and in violation of the City’s good neighbor policy since commencement of this project. Noise from the site can be regularly heard as early as 6am and as late as 11:30pm. Generally noise from the site extends into the evening daily (past 7pm). Most recently Saturday (10/15/16) I was awoken by loud beeping coming from this site at 6:45am. This particular noise sounds like the beeping produced by a truck or bus backing up, however the beeping continues all day without a break. This is not the first time the constant beeping has been present, but it was particularly disturbing on this occasion because I had the rare opportunity to sleep in. I understand that vehicles engaged in such work require safety features like beeping to alert those nearby of danger. However, the beeping never stops, so its purpose certainly cannot be to alert those in the area of danger. The beep is gratuitous at best. I understand the same developers are seeking to develop two adjacent parcels to this site. This is very concerning given the lack of respect the developers and their contractors have shown to the neighborhood during the course of this current project by permitting loud, noisy, and intrusive work to completed at all of hours of the day, often 7 days a week.
  • 13-25 Des Moines Rd Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    Commercial taxi are NOT store in their lot, always park on the street. Per zoning commercial vehicles , especially taxi need to have its own comPany storage , NOT ON public road.