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  • Lost PetOtwarte
    24 Tennessee Ave Pasadena, MD, 21122, USA - Lake Shore
    There was a house fire; Boba and his sister couldn’t be located. His sister has been located and we are still looking. Boba is a previous rescue. He is microchipped and neutered. He is extremely timid but will approach with treats and patience. He is not by any means trusting of outsiders. Boba does not like to be picked up by anyone.
  • Lost PetOtwarte
    2351 Weymouth Ln Crofton, MD, 21114, USA - US Congressional District MD3
    12/13 week old boston terrier/beagle, female, goes by the name 'Maggie'. Lost 6/7 near westport and reidel in crofton, md.
  • Lost PetOtwarte
    21146 Severna Park, MD, USA - Arnold

    Missing in Chartwell, Severna Park, Grinstead Rd area.

    Our kitty, Luna, slipped out Tuesday 5/26/20. She’s very friendly but could be skittish.

    Female, light gray tabby, very round.

  • Lost PetOtwarte
    89 Church Rd Arnold, MD, 21012, USA - Arnold
    Lost medium-hair orange tabby Manx (tailless) cat. Male, neutered, 6 years old, 9.5 lbs., microchipped. No white fur. Orange and buff only.
    Has a ruffle of fur instead of a tail. Totally without a tail of any length. Looks like an orange basketball when standing. Typical bouncy Manx gait. Has a showy orange ruff of neck fur in winter.
    Skittish is anyone tries to grab him, but usually comes if you whistle or sit down and wait for him to come to you.
    He’s a much loved family member missed by the whole family and his feline brother.
    Recently had a full Dental cleaning and 3 teeth extracted. Has serious food allergies and heart murmur.
    Disappeared 9/19/19. No sightings since. Substantial reward for information leading to his return.
  • Lost PetOtwarte
    15 Old Mill Bottom Rd N Annapolis, MD, 21409, USA - Arnold
    Chase is a tricolor sheltie. He ran away at the parking lot of Hoffman Animal Hospital, when the vet was bringing him back to his human. He is about forty pounds and very friendly. Please call Dave Wamsley at 410-660-0600 with any information.
  • Lost PetOtwarte
    8240 Riviera Dr Severn, MD, 21144, USA - Severn

    Missing since early Monday morning (4/28)! His name is Boomer. He’s terrified of everything and everyone except the family and never leaves the house. Last seen on Rivera Road in Severn, MD which is a small street off of Reece Heights and Reece Road (Between Meade Heights Elementary and Van Bokkelen Elementary).
    We drove and walked through all the surrounding neighborhoods so we are hoping he let someone take him in and they find this page 😢
    He has short, shiny dark and light grey hair with dark grey and black stripes all over. Only a little bit of white around his eyes and mouth, and inside his ears. He has a skinny long tail and a noticeable black stripe that runs all the way down his back and tail. He also has a low hanging belly. (He looks like the picture at the bottom on the green carpet but with more of hazel or yellowish green eyes and a lighter color nose, not as red. )

    Please call:
    443-679-6151 or 443-679-6153

    Thank you so much for your time and efforts!

  • Lost PetOtwarte
    334 Holy Cross Rd Brooklyn, MD, 21225, USA - Brooklyn Park
    Breezy was last seen on Holy Cross rd. On December 5, 2019 around 9 a.m. He is an inside/ outside cat, he always comes back home when he is hungry. He is friendly, won't bite or attack, but he will not walk right up to you. He is fixed and microchipped. He has a very low meow and doesn't meow often. He has green eyes and the bottom of his paws are black. He has a tan belly and white around his eyes and around his mouth and under chin.
  • Lost PetOtwarte
    8317 Lonaday Ct Millersville, MD, 21108, USA - South Gate

    Shes's initially skittish but is very friendly

    She responds well to food and treats

  • Lost PetOtwarte
    350 Hall Rd Crownsville, MD, 21032, USA - Herald Harbor
    Missing Cat! Unbelievably and sadly, our other cat, 11-year-old Bella, escaped on 5/28 and hasn’t returned. Please look in your yards, under bushes and in your sheds. We live on Hall and Birch in Herald Harbor. Bella is 11 years old, small, brown, tan and black striped. She is an indoor cat, is skittish and has only been outside a few times. We are bereft. And Beau never came home. 😢 Please call Carrie Patnode 202-309-0909 if you see her.
  • Lost PetOtwarte
    1302 Donald Ave Severn, MD, 21144, USA - Severn
    Female tan pitbull mix her name is sky. Someone opened my gate and she ran off. She's probably very confused and scared. Please call 631-644-6995 at any hour.
  • Lost PetOtwarte
    112 Chester Ave Annapolis, MD, 21403, USA - Annapolis
    Playful male cat, eyes can be piercing yellow or green. He is chipped but no collar. Has front claws and a very long tail. Grey with a lighter grey face - here he is playing with his favorite string - his facial whiskers are dark and super long.
  • Lost PetOtwarte
    126 Forests Edge Pl Laurel, MD, 20724, USA - US Congressional District MD3
    Name: Pepper
    Color: solid black
    Weight: 13lbs
    Last seen: Monday 8/3
    Lost in Russett Green Community