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  • Margate Dr Glen Burnie, MD, 21060, USA - Glen Burnie
    I found this this little guy in the middle of the road while it was pouring down rain. He looks underfed and he has some skin damage. He has curly black and grey hair.
  • Harbour Heights Dr Annapolis, MD, 21401, USA - Parole
    Larger adult cat, ~ 15 pounds. White cat with brown and black markings. He/she was wearing a collar. Found in the woods in Harbour Heights neighborhood. Tried to call him/her over but he was scared and ran off. 6/5/2020 around 12:35 PM.
  • Holly Ridge Dr Glen Burnie 21060, United States - Anne Arundel County, MD
    Black and Brown Dog. Look like they have collars
  • Myrtle Ave North Beach, MD, 20714, USA - Anne Arundel County, MD
    Very friendly male cat. He looks like he is about 8 months but he may just be a small adult. He is not neutered.
  • 7844 Woodside Terr Glen Burnie 21061, United States - South Gate
    I found a male puppy/ young dog this morning in the rain. He was running around without a collar or leash and followed me inside the building. He has a light tan back with white mostly everywhere else. He’s under 20lb and has not been fixed. He’s very friendly, but I’m sure he wants to see his family.
  • Pinecrest Dr Annapolis, MD, 21403, USA - US Congressional District MD3
    Found cat in the Hillsmere area. Neutered male.
  • 21405 Annapolis, MD, USA - US Congressional District MD3
    Found dog: "Seamus" found on West St on Monday April 27th at 11am. Has a collar with a phone number but I can't get through calling or texting. Hes very sweet but stressed out. He's safe in my apartment - please call at 410-533-8305 to come get your pup
  • Crain Hwy Crofton, MD, 21114, USA - Crofton
    Small Dog, Very energetic, Black Lab, No collar or lease. Injured.
  • 344 Valiant Cir Glen Burnie, MD, 21061, USA - South Gate
    Grey striped. Skinny with some scarring on top of ears. Looks young and is extremely.
  • 901 Primrose Rd Annapolis, MD, 21403, USA - Annapolis
    Light tan male chihuahua not fixed with a red color no tag. Running around the spa apartments court yard. Was unable to catch him.
  • 713 James Rd Glen Burnie, MD, 21061, USA - South Gate
    Brown female. Seems to be a puppy.
  • 17 Annapolis St Annapolis, MD, 21401, USA - Annapolis
    Seen outside restaurant “flamant” on Annapolis St. in Weat Annapolis. Small (maybe 15 lb.) hairless dog, except for hair on face and tail. No collar. Seemed timid and did not want to approach us. Appeared threatened and barked only once it saw us standing and staring at it. Did not appear to have rabies.