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Recreation and Parks

Open Issues: 30 Closed Issues: 121 Acknowledged Issues: 12
  • 1010 Magothy Park Ln Annapolis, MD 21409, USA - Cape St. Claire
    Overgrown brush, trees, etc. alongside Magothy Park Lane, Cape Saint Claire ballfield.
  • 613 Greenway Rd Se Glen Burnie, Maryland - Glen Burnie
    Who should I contact about getting a bench removed from along the B&A Trail on Greenway Rd SE across from the Greenway Village Townhouses? This bench is a frequent sleeping spot for homeless people (day and night), a frequent meeting spot for drug related activity (dealing and use) and most frequently a dumping grounds for piles of trash and debris. I'm not just talking about the occasional empty bag or soda cup. Huge piles of large junk are often left there. Over the past summer, I have removed piles of empty Compact Disc/DVD/Blu Ray plastic cases, garbage bags full of trash, discarded cardboard boxes full of what appears to be the remains of stolen packages, trash, discarded luggage and more. I am attaching a photo of today's garbage that was left behind.
  • 324 Hillsmere Drive Annapolis/ Anne Arundel, Maryland - Hillsmere Shores
    A very large willow oak on Park property is a hazard to us and our neighbor’s. It is in a V-shape, one arm of which is largely dead that leans towards the park, the other arm of which leans towards and partly over our homes (324 Hillsmere Dr.). That section has been dropping branches, some of which have damaged trees in my back yard. It is unsafe for my family to be in the back at this point. We recently had an arborist from Bartlett assess this and he shares our concerns. The tree is not far from the beam-hop station on the fitness trail, towards the park entrance side, around 15 feet from the fence line. -Daniel Schoos (410-507-2937)
  • 7405 Charley Eckman Lane Glen Burnie Maryland - Glen Burnie

    Several flood lights in basketball and tennis courts are out.

    Two street lights in the park's parking lot are also out. Please also fix these/report to BGE.

    Same issue was reported before but closed without addressing it:

    See attached picture. The basket ball court is only half lit because 3 lights are broken.

    Please replace/fix all lights that are not working. Also, check the Tennis courts.

  • 7360 Carbide Road Anna Arundle , Maryland - Anne Arundel County, MD
    This parks is in desperate need of a clean up. I picked up enough trash to fill five large bag but there is still a considerable amount of trash, concrete rubble and lumber laying around. Also, the park benches are in disrepair
  • 81 Magothy Beach Road Pasadena, Maryland - Lake Shore
    Tennis nets are no longer usable. Please replace. Gate latch is broken too.
  • 570 Bellariv Rd. Annapolis, Md 21409 - Arnold
    Transportation to the park
  • 1742 Disney Road Severn, MD - Severn
    Basketball net with hidden net attachment is broken. Temporary fixes are no longer working.
  • 759 Masons Beach Rd Deale, MD 20751, USA - Deale
    The entrance to Deale Athletic Fields gate and grounds need to be repaired. Please refer to the picture.
  • 1387 Cape Saint Claire Road Annapolis, MD - Cape St. Claire
    Citizen report of tree down on the little soccer field in Cape St. Claire Park - to the left of the tennis courts if you're facing the school.
  • GraffitiAcknowledged
    8029 Foxtail Ln Glen Burnie, MD 21061, USA - South Gate
    There is yellow and blue tagging on the 100 overpass on the south side of the trail. Please cover it up or remove it.
  • Marley Station Cir Glen Burnie, MD 21061, USA - Glen Burnie
    Please fix the numerous fence posts that have been vandalized just north of the Route 100 overpass on the B&A Trail. More and more of these are showing up on the stretch behind the mall when they are not repaired promptly. Thank you!