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Open Issues: 136 Closed Issues: 384 Acknowledged Issues: 21
  • Drainage ComplaintAcknowledged
    613 College Pkwy Annapolis, MD 21409, USA - Anne Arundel County, MD
    The grass has built up on the path again, not allowing the rain to drain properly. The mud is a slip risk for walkers and rinners.
  • 303 Canterbury Way Severna Park, MD - Severna Park
    Recent work to the B&A trail directly behind our house, we found that water is pooling in the corner of our backyard behind our shed. I think with the new grading of the trail water now collects more than ever and I have been having to pump it out so it doesn't get close to our shed. Can we have someone come out and take a look? I attached a picture so you have an idea. Thanks!
  • 1079 Little Magothy View Annapolis, Maryland - Cape St. Claire
    There are several trees along the edge of the fields, next to the property that are a danger to home and humans. The picture attached are the two that are the biggest problem, the ones that have dropped large and dangerous limbs onto the property. There are others that should be removed as well because they are being compromised by vines.
  • 203 Greenway St Nw Glen Burnie, MD 21061, USA - Glen Burnie
    BGE left a huge hole the ground off the trail when they parked. It is quite large and needs to be filled in. It is directly infront of the address listed.
  • Spriggs Farm Park Bayberry Dr, Arnold, MD, 21012, USA - Arnold
    Overflowing trash can next to porta-pot
  • Edgewater Park Maryland Way, Edgewater, MD, 21037, USA - Londontowne
    I believe this park is nearly in violation of the ADA. This park has had a standing water issue for years and it inhibits full access to the park, especially for those with disabilities. The area of greatest need is the paved walkway behind the third base side dugout of baseball field #3. This flooded path is there year-round and on four occasions in 2 years, I've seen wheelchair bound citizens unable to bypass the flooded area.
  • 728 Donaldson Ave Severn, MD 21144, USA - Severn
    major pothole on wood trail behind field 8
  • Baltimore & Annapolis Trail 121, Glen Burnie, MD 21061, United States of America - Glen Burnie
    Please patrol for litter just south of Norfolk Road on the path. There is biological waste there that I am not comfortable picking up. Thank you.
  • 7405 Charley Eckman Lane Glen Burnie Maryland - Glen Burnie

    Several flood lights in basketball and tennis courts are out.

    Two street lights in the park's parking lot are also out. Please also fix these/report to BGE.

    Same issue was reported before but closed without addressing it:

    See attached picture. The basket ball court is only half lit because 3 lights are broken.

    Please replace/fix all lights that are not working. Also, check the Tennis courts.

  • Cypress Creek Park Severna Park, MD, USA - Severna Park
    My concern is maintaining good quality athletic fields & courts, and preventing closure due to irresponsible citizens. Since the Covid lockdown & closure of Dog Parks & other parks, our community multi-sport facility has turned into a dog park, with people coming to unleash their dogs to run around and defecate on the fields.
    Today, I see a large, multi-generational family having a picnic in deep center field of one of the baseball diamonds! There are large bags of food that they are eating, and without trash cans nearby, I’m hoping they remove their trash.
    This is an Athletic park—with 2 baseball fields, a lacrosse/soccer combo field, football practice field, and basketball & tennis courts. This is not a traditional park where families gather with blankets, coolers, and food on a baseball field!
    Many of the dog families also use the dirt infield as their gathering spot with the dogs.
    There is only one sign located in the small parking lot stating to keep dogs on leashes & off playing fields. Most of these violators drive & park on Ticonderoga Ave which runs adjacent to the park and walk through one of 3 fence opening entrances.
    *There needs to be Posted Signs at each entrance—especially along Ticonderoga Ave.
    i fear when the baseball, soccer & football leagues start practicing this summer/fall, the field conditions will not be good—littered with trash & dog feces.
    Will the basketball & tennis courts be next—with families drawing hopscotch boards, riding bikes, scooters, skateboards..??
    Please post park usage signs & have frequent ranger stops to help maintain our beautiful, local facilities. Thanks!
  • 2910 Strawberry Lake Way Gambrills 21054, United States - Odenton
    The swings have been made unusable. Please fix it.
  • Sawmill Creek Park Glen Burnie, MD, USA - Glen Burnie
    Ramps are rusted on the skate park, several of them are breaking due to poor welding. Would like to see if any repairs could be made. Also if possible I would like to start a fundraiser to have new ramps put in.