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  • 200-232 Peninsula Farm Rd Arnold, MD, 21012, USA - Arnold
    I would like to know why Twin Oaks Park does not have any lighting. There are cars there parked at nighttime and it is completely dark. My mom has found used condoms in the playground. I think streetlights would be really useful in the parking lot.
  • 300 Seward Ave Brooklyn 21225, United States - Brooklyn Park
    Tent with homeless man living in it on the hill in the trees right behind residential homes. 4 year old reported seeing a man peeing near the tent. I do not feel safe in my home or in my backyard.
  • 1079 Little Magothy View Annapolis, Maryland - Cape St. Claire
    There are several trees along the edge of the fields, next to the property that are a danger to home and humans. The picture attached are the two that are the biggest problem, the ones that have dropped large and dangerous limbs onto the property. There are others that should be removed as well because they are being compromised by vines.
  • 81 Magothy Beach Rd Pasadena, MD 21122, USA - Lake Shore
    tree has fallen across the walking trail behind the storm pond heading towards the back ball fields. also it was requested (but not completed) last year that a dead tree be removed that is lean over a home owners fence and shed. the dead tree is next to the downed tree and would be easy to take down when the fallen tree is being removed. a new home was recently built in this area and the ground around this area has become very saturated causing some of these bigger trees to become unstable and fall.
  • Baltimore & Annapolis Trail 121, Glen Burnie, MD 21061, United States of America - Glen Burnie
    Please patrol for litter just south of Norfolk Road on the path. There is biological waste there that I am not comfortable picking up. Thank you.
  • 303 Canterbury Way Severna Park, MD - Severna Park
    Recent work to the B&A trail directly behind our house, we found that water is pooling in the corner of our backyard behind our shed. I think with the new grading of the trail water now collects more than ever and I have been having to pump it out so it doesn't get close to our shed. Can we have someone come out and take a look? I attached a picture so you have an idea. Thanks!
  • 7405 Charley Eckman Lane Glen Burnie Maryland - Glen Burnie

    Several flood lights in basketball and tennis courts are out.

    Two street lights in the park's parking lot are also out. Please also fix these/report to BGE.

    Same issue was reported before but closed without addressing it:

    See attached picture. The basket ball court is only half lit because 3 lights are broken.

    Please replace/fix all lights that are not working. Also, check the Tennis courts.

  • 1200 Odenton Road Odenton, Maryland - Odenton
    Odenton Road Shared Use Path / Bike Path - the trees are growing into the path right of way.
  • B&A Trail Glen Burnie, Maryland - South Gate
    I reported broken glass on the trail twice last week and as of yesterday, it is still there. The brown broken glass is in the middle of the trail next to the "Sharp Curve Ahead" sign near mile marker 10. I don't know what it takes to be fired from AA Co Gov't, But not addressing reported concerns isn't one of them.
  • 1742 Disney Road Severn, MD - Severn
    Basketball net with hidden net attachment is broken. Temporary fixes are no longer working.
  • GraffitiAcknowledged
    8029 Foxtail Ln Glen Burnie, MD 21061, USA - South Gate
    There is yellow and blue tagging on the 100 overpass on the south side of the trail. Please cover it up or remove it.
  • 2200-2222 Indian Summer Dr Odenton, MD, 21113, USA - Odenton

    Trees blocking hiking path

    GPS coordinates: 39.069, 76.695