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  • 153 Cardamon Drive Edgewater, Maryland - Parole

    Today's rains revealed that there is a clogged storm drain at 153 Cardamon Dr. No water is going in and all water is passing it by causing railroad ties that are used to edge yards to float into the road. The sewer drain needs to be cleared out. It's a deep clog as we tried to clear it by hand but found nothing to clear.

    Thank you.

  • 1162 Summit Dr Annapolis, MD 21409, USA - Cape St. Claire
    This drain requires a redesign to make it connect to other outfalls or close by storm drain infrastructure. When raining it can't handle light or heavy loads and the grate is a danger to traffic. When dry it is a a pool of stagnant mosquito infested water
  • 423 Pine Terrace glen burnie, Maryland - Glen Burnie
    Water is overflowing from a sediment pond behind my property and flooding mine and my neighbors yards. The county was supposed to be doing repairs to the pond; however, the repairs were not done correct/completely and it is causing flooding in the neighborhood. This needs to be fixed ASAP!!
  • 986 Woodland Circle Annapolis, Maryland - Cape St. Claire
    Last weekend, heavy rains overwhelmed the County's storm water system resulting in flooding my basement. This is a persistent and ongoing problem during heavy rains. We have sustained and continue to sustain personal and real property damages. The County storm drain may be clogged or inadequate to properly handle the rain. The system seems to actually discharge the water toward my house, creating an ongoing problem. We are asking the County to investigate and resolve this as soon as possible. Please advise me if you need further information, and as to next steps. Thanks.
  • 500 Macmillan Ct Arnold, Maryland - Arnold
    There is a sinkhole (just appeared) adjacent to my home. It is 3 ft x 3 ft. Approximately. It is in direct line from end of cul de sac sewer line. I fear this will become dangerous. Please send crew ASAP..
    MY NAME: Arnie Dordick phone # 410-212-3211
  • Pine Terrace Glen burnie, Maryland - Glen Burnie
    Retaining pond behind Pine Terrace and between Grrenway and Oakwood in Glen Burnie. The retaining pond is draining into homes basements due to stop work order by A.A. County. The berm is incomplete and water is pouring into basements. Sink holes have developed in my yard.
  • 1224 Bradley Rd Severn, MD, 21144, USA - Severn
    Water from Clark Station Road drains through 1224, 1222 and 1220 Bradley Road directly into a conservation area within the Cottonwood Community. Without a storm water drain at this location the pollutants from the road are running through these properties and allowing the water to stand in the conservation area. The water that is left standing in this conservation area is killing the once established trees. These trees were once thriving and due to the improper draining of the roads runoff water have been left to die.
  • 213 Brookfield Rd Pasadena, MD, 21122, USA - Pasadena

    We are experiencing a major drainage issue in front of our house. The road and asphalt curb under this water/ice has deteriorated to the point where the water pools and does not properly drain into the county storm drain at the corner of our property. Request the roadway and curb be fixed so the water is able to drain properly.

    Additionally, water has been coming up from the water main between 211 and 213 Brookfield Road causing a patch over the water main to sink several inches.

    I would also like to request that the asphalt curb be extended to the area to the right of my driveway all the way to the county storm drain.

    Thank you.

  • 504 Beach Drive Hillsmere Shores MD 21401, United States of America - Hillsmere Shores
    Home owner at 138 Lee Drive has filled in swale with sod. Also has a second driveway entrance with pipe set high and damping water flow
  • 555 Marley Neck Blvd Glen Burnie, MD 21060, USA - Glen Burnie
    I reported this as trash on sidewalk and roadway on 5/4 which has not been addressed. However after a run I noticed trash and debries were dumped down an embankment. The trash is in the creek and next to a drainage pipe. If this pipe gets clogged it will cause flooding. in addition trash in the creek will eventually make it to the bay and impact out waterways. I hope this issue can be addressed as it seems to be on public property.
  • 1020 Stonington Drive ARNOLD, Maryland - Arnold
    On Fri, Dec 28th, County crews were in the Stonington neighborhood. I noticed a big truck parked in front of my house. When they left, this is what my yard looked like. Can someone come fix this, please? Thanks in advance and Happy New Year.
  • 512 Augusta Dr ARNOLD, Maryland - Arnold
    The storm drain at the corner of Bay Green Drive and Burning Tree Drive is blocked up creating a flooded area.