County Roadway/Roadside PLUS


Open Issues: 169 Closed Issues: 7,348 Acknowledged Issues: 755
  • Drainage ComplaintAcknowledged
    318 Bar Harbor Rd Pasadena, MD 21122, USA - Riviera Beach
    This open, deep street hole on Bar Harbor Road is dangerous. 4 pylons covering up more than a year.
  • Grading ViolationAcknowledged
    1279 Isle Dr Pasadena 21122, United States - Anne Arundel County, MD
    My neighbor is cutting up the Asphalt write of way road that gives me access to June dr and making it hard for me to leave my property. It is becoming dangerous for me to even take out my trash or retrieve my mail walking across it.
  • Bay Dale Dr Arnold 21012, United States - Arnold
    Active paving on multiple spots along college parkway. At this intersection, there is a transition from grooved pavement to paved pavement- the pavers left a severe bump at this transition. It is seriously damaging the under carriage of vehicles.
  • 8316 Sunnyview Dr Millersville 21108, United States - Severna Park
    Construction worker’s vehicles constantly blocking stop signs and mailboxes. Makes it difficult to turn onto Brightview safely because you have to be in the middle of the road before turning.
  • 503 Heath Avenue Linthicum Heights Md 21090 - Pumphrey
  • 1517-1599 Reinhardt Ln Glen Burnie, MD, 21060, USA - Glen Burnie
    Roadway encroachment
  • 797a Jennie Dr Severn, MD, 21144, USA - South Gate
    I realize they are not finished yet but this has to be the worst paving job I’ve ever seen. The road is uneven has divots all over it and ripples all through it. They’re coming back tomorrow to do the other side and I’m dreading what it’s going to end up being like. It would’ve been better if they had not done anything at all then to leave it like a horrid mess. Who approved this? This is supposed to be our taxpayers dollars at work? None of the neighbors are happy with this. You should schedule to have this paved the proper way. please send somebody to do an inspection because the worker said that that’s the way it goes down. What a terrible process you have been using. I would like to speak to somebody if you could let me know who is in charge.
  • 8114 Spaulding Cir Severn, MD 21144, USA - Anne Arundel County, MD
    I've seen other posts from neighbors and I have to agree. This paving job is horrible. We were better before this "New & Improved" slurry Paving. I'm sad to think my tax dollars are going for this bull crap. I would like for a county supervisor to inspect the work being done by this out of state contractor. This is unacceptable!
  • 2285 Davidsonville Rd Gambrills, MD, 21054, USA - Crofton
    This is actually a construction issue with the new Crofton High School Road sign. Perhaps the light was not installed correctly??
  • Farlow Ave & Farrell St Crofton, MD, 21114, USA - Crofton
  • 794 Martin Ct W Severn, MD, 21144, USA - South Gate
    OK. Now the company claims that they are finished their work. I have to admit it looks terrible. The driver claims that the ripples will go down. There are cops still visible, places were the tar peeled off, gravel everywhere that could’ve been swept up and they didn’t sweep it up. I feel like we pay enough taxpayer money that this job should’ve been done correctly and not with “slurry’. Whatever that is. I have a couple of friends who live not too far from me who are in newer neighborhoods and getting complete paving jobs done at the same time. Is it because our houses aren’t more expensive that we get a crappy job done? Also they started very late so now they have been out there just sitting for about an hour and a half waiting for this crap to dry. So I don’t know what they’re getting paid but you spent too much of our taxpayers money on this. You should’ve left well enough alone if you were gonna cut so many corners in my neighborhood. I believe I’m not the only one that feels this way.
  • Building ViolationAcknowledged
    2917-2999 Riva Rd Annapolis, MD, 21401, USA - Parole
    The company pay dirt has been using backhoes and machinery at the construction site on Riva Road near Cape Saint John Road at the base of the Riva bridge every day starting at 5 AM. Is there an exemption for them to start work this early? We have been very patient but the backhoe and beeping and machinery and heavy construction shouldn’t be starting before 7 AM correct? Please have someone in inspection and permits speak with them. Thank you